Make a Bow and Kiss (2017)

Make a Bow and Kiss (2017)
  • 82
  • Genre: Romance
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 99 min
  • Original Title: Ichirei Shite Kiss
  • Voted: 82

Kishimoto An is a high school student who loves Japanese archery, which is also known as Kyudo. She has been practicing since her beginning at junior high school and is quite good. Time has come to graduate however and the school club needs a new president. Enter Mikami Yota who is relatively lacklustre and does not have the same level of enthusiasm for the sport. He is a raw talent however. Also raw is his love for the pretty An.

1Elaiza IkedaAn Kishimoto
2Masaki NakaoY?ta Mikami
3Minori HagiwaraRika And?
4Takahisa MaeyamaKatsumi Igarashi
5Katsuhiro SuzukiArashi Kuwabara
  • Typical. by 6

    It's a typical teenage romantic movie but lacked in depth. Injecting archery in the mix mostly got me interested to watch the film. Male lead was enigmatic; female lead was naive - as expected.

1Takeshi Furusawadirector
2Jun Teraoproduction_designer
3Yakko Kagawriter
4Yukiyasu Asanowriter