Making Sense (2020)

Making Sense (2020)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Making Sense
  • Voted: 32

In an effort to prove his decades-old hypothesis that individuals with disabilities-those he describes as "sensory enlightened"-hold the key to unlocking a sixth sense, aging neuroscientist Dr. Frederik Amberger seeks out a promising graduate student, Jules Christopher. At the risk of alienating her partners in the University lab, and driven by her own complicated past, Jules gets caught up in his quest. When it's revealed that Amberger has been hiding a secret that has him on the run from the FBI, Jules and team must decide how far they're willing to go in their pursuit to unlock the next frontier of human sensory experience.

  • Smart, flawed, cringy and fantastic. by 7

    Obviously this is a low budget production. That being said, the second half of the picture was shot very nicely with proper framing and good editing. The audio track was rather 80's synthy, but personally I like that.

    The subject matter is very interesting and properly fleshed out. A good sci-fi basis for a movie that thoroughly explores that space and then takes it into the realm of actual science fiction.

    The writing varies in quality from flat and contrived to funny and at times excellent. It seems like the majority of the work was put into the science narratives and the character development. There are awkward moments, especially the first half of the picture. The start is quite slow and feels cramped but this is resolved as soon as the characters start to move.

    The acting is good enough to convey the narrative. Like the writing sometimes rather good and at other times a bit wooden or staccato. But in most scenes the good outweighed the bad and when it did not, it was forgivable.

    I feel like most of this was shot chronologically because as the story progressed, the quality in all areas improved. There were no unnecessary sidetracks and the one b-line that did not close explicitly was the family situation with the protagonist and her family, but this was resolved implicitly so no loose ends.

    Once I got into it, I rather enjoyed it, especially the exploration of the main theme. Quite impressive actually. Solid 7.

  • close encounter of the sixth sense... by 3

    Or just nonsense. Well its a 90 to 10 formula movie, with just 10% good story , acting and message, the remaining 90 % are just mumbo jumbo experimental movie making on high self esteem, which could have been busting the block in the late 70' or early 80's, like ''e.t.'', ''contact'', '' close encounter of the third kind'', '' the philadelphia experiment'' and all the 10's of 1000s of the scifi drama genre made since then, but just not in the year 2021 ad.

    Its just a pure fact that to fetch a grumpy old mans interest youll need room for space, not close up facial panning of rather untrained actors, youll also need some confidence on the truthfactor on the complot, are there any sense of truth in the material theyve plotted the story with? , and they need a good production managment and some utterly ingenious prop makers to make it all convincing. I think theyve missed the tools to succeed in their mission to make sensory disabled persons into sensible caracters, most of all due to lack of budget.

    So therefore just 3 for the effort, there are better moves out there, take a dive under watersurface and youll see, that this was time spent that youll never get back.

  • Real sci-fi for a change! by 7

    A captivating story, non stereotypical characters and suspense are the main ingredients of this little jewel. If you enjoy science, mystery and peeking into a world of new possibilities, watch this movie!

  • Making Sense does make some Science sense by 7

    To start of with the direction it is decent as screenplay is slow but as the film progresses the characters get their arcs forward,If you are not a science person still you can get this.

    The film initiates with school experiments but takes a different angle unleashing the sixth sense.

    Clearly it is a low budget strike but it's exhilarating aforementioned the soundtracks gives an 80s synth vibe also cinematography is cold and appealing.

    The actors aptly play their roles even though script couldn't have been better at few points.

    A quote from this will stay for a while "Don't let the small failures define you."

    It is worth watching as a sci-fi mystery.

1Gregory Baynedirector
2Doug Colewriter