Marlo Lasker (2020)

Marlo Lasker (2020)
  • 92
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 65 min
  • Original Title: Marlo Lasker
  • Voted: 92

Marlo Lasker, a lovable nerd, goes on a series of adventures to defeat Caleb, the school jock, and win the heart of Susie, the girl of his dreams.

1Rich RotellaMarlo Lasker
2Steffinnie PhrommanySusie Banks
3Kyle HendershotCaleb
4Dohn NorwoodPastor King
5Jason CaceresReily
6Jeff JeffersCarl the Bum
7Clayton NemrowProfessor Nigel Caine
8Veronica A. BrownShaquanda
  • Trash. by 1

    Ignore all other reviews. 100% sure they were written by the director/ writer/ lead actor. This "film" is pure trash from start to finish, better quality content on youtube channels with 45 subs.

  • Never pegged Rich as a funny wrong was I! by 10

    Watched Marlo Lasker with friends. He was like a 2020 Revenge of the Nerds all rolled into one. Lots of laugh out loud moments, lots of heart, great character...loved it, and would recommend to anyone who really enjoys comedy.

  • God Bless Marlo Lasker! by 10

    What appears to be a lovable nerd who's set on the girl of his dreams. Marlo Lasker at its best, is witty, heartfelt, and funny beyond all belief!

    Watch this movie and you will surely not be disappointed!

  • Hilarious 80s style comedy by 9

    Perhaps I'm nostalgic for those wonderfully hilarious comedies of the 80s, but Marlo Lasker brought me back to that time with it's zany comedic set ups and style. While I wasn't quite sure what to expect, a few friends recommended this to me so I decided to check it out and charmed I was!! Rich Rotella is an incredibly funny actor with both a grounded everyman sensibility and also a -what's he going to do next-unpredictability which made him uniquely charming. This film is an unexpected comedic gem and more people should see this! Highly Recommend!!

  • Silly Comedy by 9

    This is a comedy that really goes for it. It's obvious that the filmmaking team on Marlo Lasker really put a lot of effort into the production. One of my first thoughts was that the film reminded me of Revenge of the Nerds, which is one of my favorite comedies. If you also enjoy those kinds of 80s comedies, then you'll probably really like Marlo Lasker as well. This film shares that same heartwarming aspect along with the similarly fun, over-the-top characters that made those movies enjoyable as well. If you're looking for a silly comedy then check out Marlo Lasker.

1Diego Madrigalcinematographer
2Morgan Schmidtcinematographer