Max Richter's Sleep (2019)

Max Richter's Sleep (2019)
  • 89
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 99 min
  • Original Title: Max Richter's Sleep
  • Voted: 89

This is a film for these frenetic times; a meditative respite from the rush and chaos of the modern world. A study of the universal experience of sleep, that unites us all.

  • How Brilliant! by 10

    An exploration of the 1/3rd of the time our mind is not really our own. I know for a fact that music can positively impact sleep and perhaps even dreams because I used to softly put on classical music before I went to sleep after hectic days.

    The difference between that and no music was enormous and helped me through some tough times.

    Seeing how science has barely scratched the surface of how sleep, music and dreams impact our minds and bodies in obvious fundamental ways, this experiment is fascinating and the result positively genius. You'd have to be a seriously tasteless, shallow feather brain not to see the sheer beauty and brilliance of this.

    The result... A pure masterpiece as utterly brilliant when awake as when asleep. It is truly soul music, at least for people who actually have, what we could call a soul.

    Even the dog showed interest in this sonic experience. Not that some pauper people are not capable of having less class, style and taste than a dog, but still. Most people with some culture, experience and common sense should love this.

    If it is NOT for you.. I recommend to EAT some good books or something.

  • How Stupid by 1

    Most moronic movie you will see all year.Trust me.

    It's complete trash for people with too much time on their hands.

  • Watch then listen by 8

    This documentary provides an intimate look into how this truly beautiful piece of art was conceptualised and brought to life. The brainchild of Max Richter, a prolific composer who has added such essential scores to TV and films, such as The Leftovers, Arrival, Hostiles and Ad Astra, this eight hour lullaby has been his labour of love for twenty five years.This film documents a live open air performance in Los Angeles, one of nine that were showcased around the world. With interviews from Richter, his partner and musical collaborator Yulia, and comments from attendees of the event, it achieves it's goal of an explanation and origin story.Ultimately though, Sleep is a musical experience that transcends our consciousness between our two natural states, and the blurred reality that joins them. So make sure you have the full album ready to sing you to sleep as the credits begin to roll. You cannot fail to be moved.

  • Feels longer than Sleep itself... by 4

    30 minuten would have been enough for this documentary. I prefer to listen to the full 8 hours of Sleep itself.

1Natalie Johnsdirector
2Stefan Demetriouproducer
3Julie Jakobekproducer
4Yulia Mahrproducer
5Oualid Mouanessproducer