Men in Hope (2011)

Men in Hope (2011)
  • 3627
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 115 min
  • Original Title: Muzi v nadeji
  • Voted: 3627

Ondrej, a timid and reserved man, is in a monotonous marriage with Alice. On the contrary, his promiscuous father-in-law Rudolf who lives next door has a happy marriage of 35 years with Marta. As his marriage gets increasingly boring, Rudolf encourages him to imitate him to save his marriage. He rejects it but he changes his mind after he meets Sarlota, a new date of Rudolf.

1Vica KerekesSarlota
2Jirí MachácekOndrej,Alice's husband
3Petra HrebíckováAlice,Ondrej's wife
4Bolek PolívkaRudolf,Marta's husband
5Simona StasováMarta,Rudolf's wife
6Lukás LangmajerLouis
  • Infidelity in Prague by 7

    This film essentially centers around two men named "Rudolf" (Bolek Polivka) and his son-in-law "Ondrej" (Jiri Machacek) who are both married and live in Prague. As it so happens, Rudolf is having multiple affairs and although Ondrej knows about them has kept this news from both his mother-in-law "Marta" (Simona Stasova) and his wife "Alice" (Petra Hrebickova). Then one day, while both of them have gone to play pool, a new prospective mistress for Rudolf by the name of "Carlotta" (Vica Kerekes) playfully puts her undergarments in the pocket of Ondrej's jacket and when Alice discovers it he naturally blames Rudolf. Alice then tells Marta and things take on a new life after that. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a fairly good comedy for the most part which benefitted greatly from the exotic location. Admittedly, it wasn't as light-hearted as I would have liked and it seemed a bit uneven at times but even so it was entertaining enough and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

1Jan P. Muchowcomposer
2Jirí Vejdelekdirector
3Ondrej Hokreditor
4Tomas Hoffmanproducer