Midnight Heat (1996)

Midnight Heat (1996)
  • 398
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1996 ()
  • Running time: 98 min
  • Original Title: Blackout
  • Voted: 398

John Gray, a mild-mannered banker, gets hit by a car and loses most of his memory. When he gets out of the hospital, he has flashbacks which do not fit with his current life. After a strange telephone call and a murder attempt on his wife, Gray's wife is murdered which he is forced to go to L.A. in order to solve the crime and piece together his mysterious past.

1Brian BosworthJohn Gray,Wayne Garret
2Brad DourifThomas Payne
3Claire YarlettJenny
4Marta DuBoisSharon Gray
  • "Blackout" is better than average Direct-To-Video fare by 7

    "Huh?" Brian Bosworth stars as John Gray, a successful banker. When walking to his car one day, while jammin' out to his Walkman, he gets run over in a funny way (which is worth a rewind). He wakes up in the hospital and remembers virtually nothing but has black and white flashbacks to his former life. (Which are shot in the manner of 30's style gangster films).

    Once out of the hospital, he goes back to his wealthy life which he doesn't remember. His wife looks like Kathie Lee Gifford and he seems strangely unsatisfied. As his flashbacks become more prevalent, he goes on a quest for truth and you can always tell because he wears a trench coat throughout the movie.

    Meanwhile, local dandy villain Thomas Payne (Dourif) is the leader of a gang of multiracial baddies and after a prison break at the beginning of the movie, they start working out of a sleazy dive in L.A. (is any other kind of dive?) There is a grudge between the gang and "Da Boz" revolving around a past life in jail and a secret tattoo. With the help of a spunky cocktail waitress, Gray fights to take back his life! Bosworth is perfectly cast as Gray, because it allows him to, throughout the whole movie, seem like a confused dunderhead, constantly making statements such as: "Huh?", "Oh Man!", "aaaaahhh!" and the classic "Nooooooo!" One of its many alternate titles could be "Huh?": The Movie". One of the best lines in the movie is when Gray sees a crucifix on the wall and starts to remember something and says "Christian? That means something..." Depending on the angle, he alternately looks like Dolph Lundgren, Aaron Eckhart and Neil Patrick Harris. As a banker, he looks like a meathead stuffed in a suit with funny suspenders.

    Brad Dourif seemed to relish his role as the hat lovin' baddie. ("You should wear the hat, the hat shouldn't wear you.") Let's not forget about one of Payne's minions who looks just like Sonic The Hedgehog's nemesis "Dr. Robotnik". Also when Payne threatens a Mexican bad guy at gunpoint he pleads for his "Bambinos" which is clearly Italian.

    Seeing as the movie takes liberally from "Robocop" and "Total Recall", it is safe to assume the writers were influenced by Paul Verhoeven. On a bizarre note, there are a lot of allusions to the songs "Y.M.C.A.", "In The Navy", and "Macho Man". It is also safe to assume they were clearly influenced by The Village People.

    At the end of the day, "Blackout" is better than average Direct-To-Video fare. Bosworth and the rest put in enjoyable performances.

    Don't forget: He hates menthol.

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  • Pretty good movie, lots of plot twists to keep it interesting. by 8

    Brian Bosworth continues his transition from football to the big screen. Coming to the realization that he is more than he believes in his life, he goes to find the roots of his true life. Lots of plot twists here to keep the story interesting. Also, there are a lot of subtle(?) references to his former real life football career. Make note of the hat that he is wearing in this movie, for instance. This one is more of a mixed company movie than his debut in Stone Cold, which was more of a "Guy Movie". I'd rank this one up there in at least the you-need-to-see-this-sometime category, then you make your own decision.

  • Pretty good for a Bosworth action flick! by 6

    This is a popcorn b-action flick that is better than most of the films that Brian Bosworth has made. It's an amnesia story that we've all seen before about a bank executive who after being hit by a car returns home to find his wife brutally murdered. Good action as he unravels the mystery of his life and pursues the killers. All-in-all the producers deliver an ok movie.

  • Another great Bosworth Movie by 7

    This is the second Film of Brian Bosworth. Blackout is in Germany known as Midnight Heat. Bosworth is not so hard,we known him in Stone Cold. But is a good Story and Bosworth is my favourite actor. The Film has his Action-Moments they I Like. Car-Chasing, Fights and Explosions. But I find the Story is better. It makes fun to watching Bosworth has a Amnesie (Blackout). This is another great Bosworth Movie. Check also Stone Cold and One Man's Justice, the best Bosworth Movies.

  • Like Watching a Car Crash.. by 1

    There are few words to describe just how hypnotically bad this film is, and no rational way in which I can explain my fascination with it. Brian Bosworth proves beyond a doubt that acting is not his strongest talent and seeing this proof displayed so vividly on screen is a treat like no other. An odd thing occurred the moment I saw Brad Dourif on the screen, having seen his immense acting talents on Deadwood over the last 3 seasons (what an outstanding performance) and yet here he is, in a movie so horribly thrown together that I almost wanted to imagine that he had been forced at gunpoint to even participate. Alas, everyone must begin somewhere I suppose... even if it is alongside The Boz. If you are looking for a shoddy story with mind numbing acting that will have you laughing all along the way, then this festering turd of a cinematic nightmare is your dessert. Enjoy, preferably with plenty of like minded friends. (watching it alone is just... sad)

1Terry Plumericomposer
2Allan A. Goldsteindirector
3Ashok Amritrajproducer
4Yakov Bentsviproducer
5Ruben Gordonwriter
6Steve Schoenbergwriter