Mission Possible (2021)

Mission Possible (2021)
  • 194
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 105 min
  • Original Title: Mission Possible
  • Voted: 194

A chinese secret agent Da-hee receives intel that a large number of illegal firearms are being smuggled into Korea and is sent to investigate the case. She meets Su-han, who was supposed to help her with the case but due to his lackluster skills, they keep fighting over really trivial things. But as their witnesses are suddenly murdered, the two of them quickly become the prime suspects.

1Kim Young-kwangWoo Su-han
2Sun-Bin LeeYoo Da-hee
3Dae-hwan OhJeon Hoon
4Seo Hyeon CheolChief Detective
5Byung Mo ChoiTeam Leader Chao
6Tae-hoon Kim\N
7Sang-hong Lee\N
8Ji-Hoon Lee\N
9Park Ji-YeonDo Du-ho's mom
  • An average action comedy movie by 7

    The movie was really good! It's a family movie, so one can enjoy this with whole family laughing all the time. It's the perfect mix of action and comedy. The action scenes were so satisfactory and the main leads did a great job. The comedy scenes were seriously funny.

    I said average movie because we have already seen so many movies like this already. It's mostly like Jacky Chan's action comedy movies ,of course no one can compete him in action scenes.

    So,If you don't keep high expectations about storyline,uniqueness then you can enjoy this movie as comedy movieSo,If you don't keep high expectations about storyline,uniqueness then you can enjoy this movie as comedy movie.

  • Comedy ft. Action by 8

    I love the way this film open with a concept of comedy but still put the action scenes behind it. Maybe I can said that this movie's genre was a comedy but have an action touch on it. Because in my opinion this storyline didn't tell much about the behind story of the character. So you can expect this movie to be an action movie, I guess.

    But over all, this movie still entertaining~ I still get the intention with the fight scenes and laugh at the same time.

  • A good ole action-comedy by 7

    One of the things I like about this movie is the comedy doesn't interfere with the action. It's not slap-stick humor either. Also, a few of the action scenes are bloody, whether it's knife-play or gun-play. I'm surprised South Korea produced such a movie in the action-comedy genre, but it's a welcome surprise. Just as typical action-comedy films from South Korea, the two leads are bad-asses. But, it gets hinted at from the very beginning, so it's not like it's thrown into the audiences face unrealistically, half-way or even toward the end, like Extreme Job did.

1Kim Hyeong-joodirector