Mithunam (2012)

Mithunam (2012)
  • 262
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2012 ()
  • Running time: 120 min
  • Original Title: Mithunam
  • Voted: 262

Wedded together for fifty years, knowing each other inside out, Appadaasu and Buchchi Laxmi fill their retired days with raw quarrels and ripe loves. Emotional entanglements enslave them to each other to such an extent that they break bonds even with their own kith and kin. It is common for stray notes to sprout up when two people live with each other and associate. But, veteran orchestrators as they are, they conjure up symphonies out of thin air with the magic wand of their love and set up Harmony in the Music of their Married Life.

1Balasubramaniam S.P.Appa Dasu
2LakshmiBuchi Lakshmi
  • Wonderful movie by 10

    A life time achievement by SPB and Lakshmi in their roles... .Must watch movie for every one... Excellent story line Awesome direction Wonderfulpicture A must watch movie for every one...

    Story silently touches the importance of traditional method of work for better health condition which is true.

    Right combination of food is also a form of medicine, after eating junk foods we fail to understand the importance of our traditional practices..

    I expect this to get released in other languages as well....

    Not sure if a lonely life like this can be so happy, director made us feel that a people in nuclear family miss a lot a love which they could get from their grand parents

    We need to respect our parents.....

  • Adbhutaha! by 9

    A human's respect and love towards the nature and his fellow beings defines their life.SPB is a gem of an actor and so does lakshmi.Thanikella bharani's view of divinity and telugu makes it more appealing!One would want to live that life if not before atleast after watching this movie.

1Rajendra Prasad Tanikellacinematographer
3Ramana Murthy Vogeticomposer
4Tanikella Bharanidirector
5S.B. Uddhaveditor
6Anand Muyida Raoproducer
7Rama Rao Kamarajuwriter