Momo: The Sam Giancana Story (2011)

Momo: The Sam Giancana Story (2011)
  • 64
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 109 min
  • Original Title: Momo: The Sam Giancana Story
  • Voted: 64

The film details the life of a tough, impoverished kid who rose through the ranks of Chicago's underworld to become a top member-many say the real godfather-of the most ruthless gangland organization in the country: The Outfit, run by Al Capone. Giancana was purported to have helped get JFK elected president, as well as being hired by the CIA. It also showcases the Giancana daughters who best knew their father as a loving family man.

  • Facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts. by 1

    Who researched this? Giancana participated in the St. Valentine's day massacre? Sam shot Torrio? Was he Zellig or Forest Gump. None of these assertions have been verified. That Loyola professor's rug was worse than John Travolta's.

  • Dimitri should do his homework by 1

    This guy Dimitri couldnt direct his way out of a phonebooth. Wow what a scumbag!!!