Mule-Tide Christmas (2014)

Mule-Tide Christmas (2014)
  • 19
  • PG
  • Genre: Animation
  • Release year: 2014 ()
  • Running time: 74 min
  • Original Title: Mule-Tide Christmas
  • Voted: 19

While preparing for the holidays, Santa and his mule sidekick Napo come across a wicked goblin who has set out to ruin Christmas. Without much time to spare, Napo must giddy-up, saddle up, and save the day!

1Scott SchenbergVarious Voices
2David SchifterWicked Goblin
3Steve VernonVarious Voices
4Matthew WarzelVarious Voices
1Gorka Vázquezdirector
2Eduardo Barinagaproducer
3Karmelo Vivancoproducer