My Little Girl Is Gone (2018)

My Little Girl Is Gone (2018)
  • 157
  • TV-14
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Eve of Abduction
  • Voted: 157

When single mom Stephanie gets engaged to single dad Jameson she receives an anonymous stalker's threat: "Break off the engagement or I'll kidnap your daughter!" The threats continue and her daughter is taken, but Stephanie will learn the kidnapper is really on her side, and trying to warn her of an even greater danger.

1Sarah LindStephanie
2Robb DerringerJameson
3Braeden CarlShane
4Chrishell HartleyLila
  • Enjoyable for a Lifetime Movie but..., by 5

    Really held my interest throughout the movie. What pulled me out was the scene where the mom was drinking a glass of wine watching a movie while her daughter was missing for all of 48 hours?!?!? Come on writers! The husband walks in and says "What's wrong?" UMMMM. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME WRITERS? WHO WOULD SAY THAT? DUH!!!PLEASE!!!! Lifetime!!! Please for the love of GOD! Hire some REAL writers who would think these things through! I'm available!!!! Call me!

  • Poor poor lead actress by 1

    I'm trying to get through this movie without being so critical, but the lead actress is horrible. I don't understand all the facial expressions. They're distracting, unattractive, and have no relevance to her lines. This is another example of poor casting by Lifetime movies.

  • Lead actress just appalling by 4

    These TV movies are at times watchable. However, the lead actress in this movies is just in the wrong career. She is forever pulling these rediculous faces. Thoughtout the movie her facial expressions are just silly. It's not attractive nor is it "acting". It's by far exaggerated acting which equates to poor ability.

  • Poor acting by 7

    Lead actors show poor performance. Lead actress role very naive.

  • A Good Thriller by 5

    I liked this movie, It had a good vibe to it.

    A few twists to keep the viewer guessing , and a decent plot that was believable.

    OK the acting was'nt out of this world , but at least the characters were likeable,and did the best they could with a fairly mediocre script .

    Overall a good watch .

1Macarena Criscuolocomposer
2Ben Meyersondirector
3Stan Spryproducer
4Eric Woodsproducer
5Eric Scott Woodsproducer
6Brooke Purdywriter