My Name Is Sam (2020)

My Name Is Sam (2020)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: My Name Is Sam
  • Voted: 41

A film produced and directed by an Amish man, Samuel Wickey. In this incredible story based on true events, the mother and father are overwhelmed with emotion when their children are severely bullied in a public school, and the father wants his family to leave the Amish. In this story about an Amish family struggling with the upbringing of a boy born with an enigmatic mental disorder, they are gripped by fear and astonishment when they witness the boy has unusual artistic abilities. The mother and father are deeply concerned since their strict Amish religion, teaches that any form of artistic expression is forbidden. The boy and his siblings are raised by a mother who cannot embrace them, praise them or even say I love you. They must only pray that God heals them. In a family deeply ingrained in a religion where parents are forbidden to express love for their children, the father breaks the chains of fear and oppression to allow hope, the expression of love and freedom to leave the ...

  • a rare view on realities by 4

    Its a film about growing up in the amish community, a place for the few and cosen ones, a place where you shall obey the elders and the rest, or you will burn in the flames of hell. there are also the fact that the earth is flat, or so they say, and that really is a surprise to hear. its a film thats based on true happenings, and some of the issues really unhinged my jaws. its also a film about amish children being bullied for being different, and how school and society reacts and deals with those who have a different style and goal in life.

    pruductionwise its a very primitive and amateurishly made movie, with low quality image and sound work, the editing very poor and most of the acting is at low level, there are some flare ups now and then, especially the ocd-kid, does a great job on the neurotic issues, and the fathers revenge on the bullying are just so cool.

    its not a good film at all thinks the grumpy old man, for for the curious among us, its a good watch to learn something new

  • A touching and inspiring film! by 10

    I'm not sure if the previous reviewer saw the same movie as I did, but that person is way off. I have been following this movie for years before it came out to the public. I watched the number of awards it received for Best Feature, Editing, and Acting grow higher and higher with every film festival. And, after watching the movie, it was clear the film and actors deserved all 24 of them! My family and I laughed and cried as we watched each compelling scene... it was easy to connect with the characters and feel what they were feeling with every moment. The fact that this film is based on a true story adds another captivating element to it. The ending left us wanting more, and we loved the added details about Sam's life. This movie was well worth the wait and one my family and I will watch over and over again!

1Sam Wickeydirector
2Troy Fauscettwriter