Myth (2018)

Myth (2018)
  • 64
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Myth
  • Voted: 64

A lonely young man encounters his idol, the strange and elusive director of his favorite film "Myth"; recruiting him for a new project that will send his life spiraling into chaos.

  • Fantastic film- favorite of 2020 by 10

    I was blown away by this film! Even more blown away when I found out it was a directorial debut. This is truly masterful cinema- when we hear the phrase "this is why we go to the movies" it's usually in reference to a summer blockbuster or an Oscar-bait melodrama, but this kind of film is why I go to the movies. Weird, wonderful, surreal yet clearly influenced by the ultra-realism of Dogme95, with a highly skillful small cast, this film drags you in and begs you to be a participant rather than a spectator. The story is more layered than at first expected, so it definitely deserves a second viewing to get the whole experience. I got hints of Broken Flowers, Synecdoche New York, ands Mandy; and the score was outstanding as well. I don't think I've encountered a more fitting soundtrack for a film since Harold and Maude. If you're a true film fan, or fan of any kind of art really, give it a chance. Can't wait to see what else the director has in store.

  • You will get sucked into the MYTH by 9

    I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I got sucked in and really liked hanging with the characters and wondering what would happen next. It's like an indie Truman show in a way. It's got a vibe that sort of demands that you relax and take whatever you're watching in. It's got a subtle comedy that I really dig! If you're an aspiring artist of any kind, I think you'll love this like I did. Also, THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD!

  • 80's fandom film within a film by 7

    Tucci is a great villain. The film overall makes you feel really uncomfortable by design. The idea of creating a movie in a movie is clever and effective.

  • An interesting and engaging film. by 8

    The lead character, a director with a cult following wants to make a movie. So many interesting moments, humour, twist and odd 80's retro feel to this film. The actor Nicolas Tucci was excellent, that is what kept me engaged the entire time. An interesting and engaging indie film.

  • Dark Humor with Weight by 7

    Nicholas Tucci is this movie, but that's certainly not to take away from Justin Andrew Davis or Sadie Scott. MYTH works in its subtle realism, even when that realism is stretched. Not a thriller, but psychologically engaging and engrossing.

    Definitely check this one out!

1Dan Bradycinematographer
2Brian DiLorenzodirector
3Gia McKennaproducer