Natural City (2003)

Natural City (2003)
  • 4321
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2003 ()
  • Running time: 114 min
  • Original Title: Naechureol siti
  • Voted: 4321

In the year 2080, the world is connected by a massive computer network. Combiners have developed a process that allows them to merge the souls of human and machine/cyborg, wreaking havoc in a deeply divided society. This movie shares traits with other films like Blade Runner and Ghost in the shell. A visually impressive piece, with a strong emphasis on relationships. Genre - Sci-Fi, Dystopian.

1Ji-tae YuR
2Jae-un LeeCyon
3Rin SeoRia
4Eun-pyo JeongCroy
  • Beautiful ... by 8

    I would put this as one of the most beautiful science fiction films ever made ...

    As much as this is an homage to Blade Runner it also draws heavily from the Matrix and HK Cop films. Like a great hip hop record or a Tarantino film, it weaves familiar elements together in a way that not only seems fresh but gives you a new appreciation for the original sources.

    One of the things I loved most about this movie was its look and in particular the way the CGI was integrated almost seamlessly with 'real' live action cinematography. As opposed to many western sci-fi movies, for example the new Star Wars movies or I, Robot where the actors are shot on a green screen and then composted over a completely synthetic background.

    Natural City might use a shot of a cityscape and then drop in CGI elements like a craft flying over. They employ another technique which was used a lot in 70's scifi films like Logan's Run - inter cutting SFX scenes with live action that was just shot on real, futuristic-looking locations. This really balances out the artificiality of the effects and shows that a little can go a long way ...

    The result is an extremely realistic look and feel to the movie. I believe that this is what the world could look like in 2080.

    Natural City's only real flaw, in my eyes, is that it does tend to get slow in a few key spots. But every shot in this film is so gorgeous it's hard to know where they would cut.

    All in all I really enjoyed this film and would highly recommend it.

  • A lot better than expected by 7

    Just watched NATURAL CITY, which I wasn't expecting to enjoy too much after most of the other Korean sci-fi "blockbuster" films of the past few years, but I do think this one is the pick of the litter.

    It's an interesting and perhaps slightly muddled film, that mixes sci-fi spectacle and fantastic action scenes with a much more subtle and introspective side that's really the core of the film and probably befuddled the audience a lot. The cyborgs and mad scientists aren't really what the film is about, it's about the loneliness and detachment of the characters in a world where personal relationships have deteriorated even further than in our own. The fact that the acting is "wooden" is arguably deliberate, as the characters have no real emotional lives. It's a bit like Stephen Spielberg directing a Wong Kar Wai script... or vice versa... or something :p There's some Mamoru Oshii in there too.


  • Conflicted feelings,is worth a rental. by 5

    Natural city

    While Natural city gets often compared to blade runner, I think it is a comparison is not quite fair to Blade runner. Don't get me wrong I don't think NC is a bad movie, but it is not the ultra paranoid Phillip K dick style future noir. The film looks great and shows a dirty, unhappy view of korea's future like Blade runner.

    I admit I got a little lost and bored at times but the film has great visuals and for the most part the story is a interesting take on cyborgs robots and the like. The gun battles and the various martial arts action scenes were well done(except for a minor overuse of Slo-Mo).

    Worth a rental. If you're a Sci-FI addict it should be on your list.

  • Not as bad as some reviewers claim and definitely should score higher. by 7

    Did you know that George Lucas was inspired to make "Star Wars" from a Japanese film called "Hidden Fortress"? Bet some of the reviewers here didn't. Why get all bent out of shape when the person who made "Blade Runner" did the same thing. Every film maker is inspired by someone else's work.

    OK, the action and visuals are nice. The characters are very mechanical and they don't go deep into them so the movie seemed more focused on action and CGI. There were some slow spots between the action and the characters really didn't pull me in much. Yes, there is plenty of borrowing from Blade Runner but it didn't bother me much. Hollywood borrows plenty as well. I don't get upset about it. Without sampling there would be no Hip-Hop or Star Wars.

    If you like action, sci-fi, and CGI and don't need a lot of character development, give it a go.

  • Soft Cyberpunk... by 7

    First off, this is a very good movie. The visuals are undeniably fantastic, and that's one of the reasons to watch a movie, otherwise we'd be reading cyberpunk literature or comic books for two hours. Secondly, the meat and potatoes of the film, well, to say this, its not hardcore cyberpunk, and YES it is very Blade Runner, but hey, cyberpunk tends to all be similar, not treating this movie as a film in its own right will skew your view of it.

    The movie has three main characters, four including the villain, and they are all developed nicely. A movie like this, you have SEE, you have become comfortable with the pacing and digest what is fed to you as it is fed to you, but most people don't realize that there is a story, there is character development, that there is substance.

    It is a very tragic movie about a Military Policeman who is alone and unable to connect with the world or anyone else so the one thing he connects with is a living doll that is slowly slipping away and the tighter he holds on the more complicated and difficult the situation gets for the principle cast. I read a description of the movie and the lead, R, was described as a Cipher, a person with no influence on his surroundings, but it is the opposite, the whole world in which he inhabits reacts to him and only him. Its beautiful and tragic.

    The movie ends as it should, a very good ending I feel, and it isn't as dark as one would think.

    It is a very good movie, several steps above other Korean sci-fi like 2009 and Wonderful Days visual and more akin to Wonderful Days atmospherically. It is a dreary, beautiful, lonesome, self-destructive, and taught world in which the world takes place, but because of that, the movie is all the more beautiful.

1Jaejin Leecomposer
2Byung-chun Mindirector
3Min-ho Kyeongeditor
4Lee Dong Junproducer
5Philip K. Dickwriter
6Jae-rim Hanwriter