Normandy Is My Name (2015)

Normandy Is My Name (2015)
  • 103
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Normandy Is My Name
  • Voted: 103

Normandy Is My Name is a character driven movie about 5 very different teens sharing an unwanted experience together. See what happens as they spend 30 days on a common "digital-less" journey together. Think Juno meets The Breakfast Club. See what happens when a jock, a hard core rocker, a cheerleader, a nerd and an intellectual are forced to spend time together isolated from the digital world.

1Lori Plank AllenMarci Meadows
2Stephen BarrettDoug Humphrey
3Vince BrownRoy Miller
4Kimberly ChexnayderOlivia Miller
5Cory ColeNormandy Meadows
6Christie CourvillePetra Humphrey
7Nehemiah DeasonBentley humphrey
8Michael DerrBuford Buckingham
  • Great family comedy that brings to light the importance of putting down technology to connect in a deeper way with family and friends. by 9

    This film takes you on a journey with 5 very different teens, a jock, a rocker, a nerd, a cheerleader, and an outspoken teen named Normandy who are forced my their parents to connect the old fashion way...without electronics for 30 days and attend a mandatory weekly get together. There are plenty of antics and laughs to be had as you see the teens stumble through the adjustment. Will boredom rain or will the teenagers discover a hidden truth about life and the value in our human connection and shared experience? Normandy is My Name is a hilarious and heartwarming film with an essence of Juno mixed with a Napoleon Dynamite flare.

  • Lazy Is Its Middle Name by 1

    To sum up the entire movie one one word will be enough and that is 'lazy'.

    The writing was lazy, their wardrobe were lazy, makeup was lazy, location scouting was lazy, camera shots were lazy, and also the main characters were lazy with their expression and dialogue delivery. Not only the timing of their dialogues are off, but also the editing was terrible. They repeated the same shot over and over to fill up story gaps. The storyline leaves out the main theme of the struggle of the absence of digital device throughout the movie and focus on the forced friendship between five teenagers.

    Even Not Recommended For The Lazies.

1David Throckmortoncinematographer
2Jim Russelldirector