Nova Seed (2016)

Nova Seed (2016)
  • 250
  • PG
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 64 min
  • Original Title: Nova Seed
  • Voted: 250

Beneath the decay of a dying world lives the Mad Doctor Mindskull. Using the planet's power of creation he has created the ultimate Weapon. Can mankind find a way to stop this Evil before time runs out? The only answer lies within the Nova Seed.

1Joe DiLibertoArena Announcer,Pig
2Nick DiLibertoDoctor Mindskull,General Short
3Shawn DonovanJ.T. Hunter
4John JellinekThe Senator,Goki,Protester #1
5Julie KirkelosNWN Reporter
6Joel MacMillanProtester #2,Additional Voices
  • Already in my top films of 2016 by 9

    Got to see a still a progress version of this last night at the What The Film Festival (everything is complete but the sound design). Hand drawn over the course of 4 years by one solitary man, Nova Seed is an impressive feat of human determination. I went in only having seen a few short clips and one of DiLiberto's shorts, I kind of felt like I was already going to love this movie, when someone puts that much time an effort into something it's always worthwhile to at least give it a watch. I think I spent about 95% of this film with my mouth hanging open. The animation felt somewhere between "Heavy Metal" and "My Neighbours the Yamadas", every frame undulating hypnotically. You can feel influences from both DiLiberto's time in North America as well as his time abroad in Japan. The combination of the animation and thumping music are so engrossing I completely forgot that I was super exhausted from just working a 12 hour shift. I don't think there was a single thing about this film I didn't enjoy, my only complaint is that it wasn't nearly long enough!

  • Excellent. by 8

    One minute into watching this movie my patience was being tested. Ten minutes in, I was hooked.

    This is a brilliant film. There's nothing profound about its plot (although I love the way they introduce the protagonist) but Nova Seed's animation, direction, and style (style being the key words here) is like a cross between Mad Max: FR and the best of the 80's thrown into a blender: it's wonderful.

    From what I can see, Nova Seed looks like it was developed primarily by two men with the same last name-- I'll hazard that they're brothers. I'm impressed by this labour, it's inspiring.

  • A triumph in the realm of animated film by 9

    I just watched this movie and... I'm not even sure what to say. This is a triumph of artistry. Magnificent, from the first frame to the final. There is more creativity in this movie than the last 50 I've watched. This is a love letter to 80's era cartoons, but so much more. The music is incredible, the animation is incredible, the story is incredible.

    One guy made this, more or less. The same guy animated the entire movie, did many of the voices, came up with the story, wrote the story... What an achievement. What a mind blowing achievement.

    I highly recommend this film

  • Almost poetic retro-animation fantasy by 7

    Watching it was not just a bit like a dream. Artistically a bit surreal (mostly thanks to the old fashioned hand made animation) story about all the important things in this genre. There's not too much too say and analyze in this one, mostly because of it's free artistic approach. Everybody can find a piece of their own in it. Put in shortly and rudimentary, as usually it's about struggle in between good and evil. I really loved this poetic, dreamy landscapes and characters. As this type of retro-animation give it this special artistic glitter, as I said in the beginning. Especially for those of us who remember the old days of "Heavy Metal" or such. Anybody who loves the genre of (animated) fantasy should see it, especially because though it looks slow, it's actually concise and is put in quite small time frame of about an hour.

  • Light on story, but makes up for it in spectacle by 7

    This film isn't about the story. As another reviewer said, this film is all about creating a feeling, an atmosphere. Often feeling like a 1980s Saturday morning fever dream, Nova Seed doesn't really waste time on plot exposition or give you much context about the world it's set in, but instead thrusts you straight into it and allows you to draw your own conclusions. The film is littered with trope-y sci-fi elements, like a crazed mad scientist building a perfect life form, giant bio-mech warriors, hybrid creatures, and impractical spaceship designs. This is great in my book. The animation is delightfully wonky and really feels like the labour of love that it is. Highly recommended, but don't expect a groundbreaking, original story.

1Stephen Verrallcomposer