Operation Carwash: A Worldwide Corruption Scandal Made in Brazil (2017)

Operation Carwash: A Worldwide Corruption Scandal Made in Brazil (2017)
  • 3253
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 107 min
  • Original Title: Polícia Federal: A Lei é para Todos
  • Voted: 3253

Based on the true story of Operation Carwash, the largest and most successful corruption investigation ever seen in the world, "No One is Above the Law" tells, through the eyes of Detective Investigator Ivan, the story of how he and his team at the Brazilian Federal Police, working with the Brazilian Federal Attorneys were able to reveal and dismantle an intricate scheme of money laundering, graft, theft, corruption and bribery involving executives at Petrobrás, (the Brazilian National Oil Company), government contractors, political parties, and politicians at all levels of government - including both houses of congress, cabinet secretaries, and the current and former presidents of Brazil. Exciting and action packed, the movie reveals unbelievable details of the conflicts and dangers faced by the investigators, the roadblocks thrown to thwart the operation, and the crucial role of the Federal Judge who withstood the greatest of pressures to keep the politicians from destroying their ...

1Antonio CalloniIvan
2Marcelo SerradoJuiz Sérgio Moro
3Ary FontouraLula
4Flávia AlessandraBia
  • Not good even for a soap opera by 1

    Movie producers wants money, ok, we got it. That's business. So, to make a film about a corruption investigation seems legit. Pitty that this movie is totally biased. Surely it helped in the current society polarization in Brazil. Hypocritical as it can get.

  • This movie was funded by anonymous funders, political propaganda by 1

    This movie was funded by anonymous funders. Pure political propaganda... don′t wast your time.

  • Trash! by 1

    Trash. Pure garbage made by unreliable people. A great waste of time.

  • A Manichaean view of car-wash operation by 1

    The film is extremely Manichaean. There is no middle ground: there are the good ones and there are the bad ones. The film shows an idyllic vision of the car-wash operation, without addressing controversial aspects of this operation, such as the selective disclosure of wiretapping carried out by the public prosecutor office and the federal police, wiretapping of conversations between attorneys and clients, and the protection of the Judge Moro to people and politicians linked to the PSDB political party.

  • Terrible by 1

    Full of clichés and disconnected from the truth.It looks like a piece of propaganda to advertise the work of a group of burocrats.Just watch something else.