Oppam (2016)

Oppam (2016)
  • 3286
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 143 min
  • Original Title: Oppam
  • Voted: 3286

A blind man tries to protect a girl from a psycho killer.

2SamuthirakaniVasudevan aka Vasu
4Vimala RamanDevayani
  • A vintage combo (Priyadharshan-Mohanlal) came back with a bang! by 9

    It's a neat crime thriller from a great director whose last few films were below average. Mohanlal is the key in this film. We could see his acting skills through out the film. Even his eyebrows can do magical acting. 2 out of 3 songs are crafted really well. Brace yourself for some serious goosebumps.

    Samuthirakani, Chemban Vinod Jose, Aju Varghese and Mamukkoya did their roles really well. The gunshots and CGI was perfect. You don't wanna be a Mohanlal fan to enjoy the film.The storytelling is gripping and executed with finesse. Overall it's the best crime thriller of the year till now without a doubt.

  • oppam a Review by 8

    Wonderful acting by mohanlal as an blind man, it was good to see that he is not giving eye contact , but concentrating to hearing while he converse with others, and respond to circumstances, a good screenplay is seen in the movie, where the culprit is known earlier itself, but how it is proved is a good challenge, the first two songs were good, with a nice BGM while at the time of suspense moves, the challenging moves between hero and the villain, was a good show, over all good acting by mohanlal, samuthrakani,child artist and others too .well directed by priyadarshan, worth watching this movie on how a blind person can prove he is innocent.

  • Oppam : A Retrospect - by 9

    Synopsis – Oppam revolves around Jayaraman who is blind by birth but with a sharp sense of smell, sound & touch and engages himself to tackle a phyco killer which he forced to do so.

    For those who cherished watching movies by evergreen combo Priyadarsan & Mohanlal, Oppam is yet another addition to their must watch list undoubtedly. Oppam is such an engaging thriller were in the script is flavored with Priyadarshan's own comic elements here and there. Its refreshing to see the ace director experimenting with the all new way of story narration with the help of completely different plot. Oppam is in tune with contemporary film. The script was flawless and showed quality content throughout. Oppam marked as director Priyadarshan's epic come back with such a family thriller. As the movie kick stared it dragged me to the edge of the seat and my eyes were glued on to the screen till the end :).

    The heart, soul & spine of Oppam is nothing else than Priyadarshan's brilliant direction & lalettan's effortless portrayal of lead character. Mohanlal was fabulous in essaying the role of Jayaraman. His tremendous effort on facial detailing of all other senses are incredibly captured by the director. A scene where Jayaraman senses the presence of murderer inside the lift stands out. Samudrakani portrayed his role perfectly. Vimala Raman, Innocent, Kaviyur Ponnamma and all other known and unknown faced did well in the movie. Special mention to Meenakshi Kutty .. :)

    If you ask me three positive points about the movie, the third point after direction & acting would be its Cinematography. N K Ekambaram has nailed in terms of delivering all frames with perfect color balance & engaging camera movement throughout. And he managed to deliver Priyan's own frames in most of the scenes (Minnaminunge song is the perfect example). The editing department deserves applauds. Songs of 4 Music band are ear soothing and thanks to Ron for terrific / impact-full back ground score.

    Bottom Line –

    Priyadarshan continues to write history along with lalettan even with some box office failures in the past. Oppam is such a refreshing crime thriller which is a must watch for Mohanlal's exceptional performance.

  • An above average crime thriller. by 8

    Oppam is an above average suspense thriller with a tight screen play, wonderful cinematography and the ever wonder Mohanlal aka our Lalettan. The film marks the return of one of the most successful pair in Malayalam film industry , Mohanlal and Priyadarshan. Though they are known for their comedy films through out , this time they return with a thriller movie. The duos previous attempt on horror thriller Geethanjali, was a big let down, but that is not the case with Oppam. The story is good, suspense holds attention and the flow is occasionally fast ( there are places where the film get stretched more than needed) . Songs are good and apt to the film , the visuals are stunning , especially in songs . Background score is a bit loud to the level of irritating , should have damped it a bit. Mohanlal proves he has not yet lost his touch , supporting cast also does the job well. Apart from suspense there is a bit of everything in the film , humor, action ( if you are a Lalettan fan, there is a moment where you will whistle out loud ) and emotion. All in all it is a complete Onam package.

  • An above average movie... a worthwhile watch by 8

    Last day i went to watch this movie after i heard a lot of hype rating the movie as exceptional. I have to say that it is a good movie but don't expect too much from it. The climax was somewhat predictable but the movie has its moments.

    Special praise for the cinematography and the suspense in some scenes. I am actually pleased to tell that the fight scenes where actually very good. It took me back to the time when mohanlal was at the height of his career. My personal opinion is that the 3 songs in the first half of the movie was a bit of an overdo. But things get better during the second half.

    Mohanlal has done some serious acting and all the other characters are beautifully casted. if not for some things i would have given it a 10 rating. I think that this movie can be considered a valuable addition to the long list of mohanlal movies and special congrats to the team behind it. Best of luck!!

1N.K. Ekambaramcinematographer
3Ron Ethan Yohanncomposer
5Antony Perumbavoorproducer
6Govind Vijayanwriter