Orphans of the Genocide (2013)

Orphans of the Genocide (2013)
  • 18
  • TV-PG
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Orphans of the Genocide
  • Voted: 18

Orphans of the Genocide is an eye-opening visual journey through never-before-seen archival footage and discovered memoirs of orphans who lived through the the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Over 150,000 orphans were rescued by American and Scandinavian organizations. One of these orphans was Satenig, the mother of American pathologist and euthanasia proponent Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

1Tom VernonNarrator

    This documentary contains an enormous glut of lies. Also you can see they use photos which contain Turkish killed by Armenian. The only thing that this huge bubble will blow in the light of the real historical documents in the hands of the Turks. The over 2 million of Turks, Kurds and Arabs were killed by Armenian gangs. A story based on lies will surely end one day while the facts exist.

    Nobody can hide how Armenian did like what they claim.


  • A well put together documentary on horrible events by 7

    The documentary does well covering an event often hushed up, especially by certain nationalists. The cruelty perpetrated and the effect of it on it's victims is well shown and it's results linger on today. Sadly it's barely taught in most history lessons and diplomatically it's isn't often spoken about due to the anger it invokes from the descendents of the perpetrators.

    The documentary could've been a little less from the perspective of Armenians and a bit more allround, but then again the topic it is covering is the effect it has had on the orphans that resulted from the tragic and inhumane events and how hard it was for individuals and organizations of foreign nations to intervene and to rescue the helpless and vulnerable.

    All-in-all it's well worth watching, but it will not leave you with a happy feeling and it'll really show you the duality of mankind; on the one hand we're capable of doing terrible, really horrific things to eachother, on the other hand there's always those who will give it their all to selflessly help those in need.

1Bared Maroniandirector
2Paul Andonianproducer
3Bedo Der-Bedrossianproducer