Our Shining Days (2017)

Our Shining Days (2017)
  • 542
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 103 min
  • Original Title: Our Shining Days
  • Voted: 542

A youth inspirational film, about how a group of high school students try to revive Chinese orchestra ensemble. They face many challenges along the way to compete nationally, including a rivalry with the more popular Western orchestra club.

1Lulu XuChen Jing
2Yuchang PengLi You
3Mingjie LuoWang Wen
4Yongxi LiuXiaomai
  • A Compelling Chinese Teenage Feel Good Movie by 8

    I stumbled upon this chinese movie by accident and was quite positively surprised how compelling the storytelling was, and all the comedic quirks and oddities worked really well and were on point. It's style can be described as close to watching an japanese anime and there are references to japanese manga/anime subculture which is hilarious well portrayed, but doesnt get tacky or over the top, this is due to the actors who played out their roles convincingly well. This movie is fun, upbeat, touches the emotion and is a overall feel good movie!

  • Our Shining Days (2017): A Refreshing Chinese Musical Teen-Comedy Movie by 7

    If you liked Taiwanese hit teen-romance-comedy "Our Times (2015) & Japanese teen-musical film "Swing Girls (2004)" previously, this movie would be your cup of tea! Actually it's kinda blend of those two movies- if you look at our nerd heroine and then the plot about forming a traditional musical band of college students overcoming obstacles and prejudices, it will be so obvious. The plot is predictable and sometimes a bit cheesy too- you must know the outcome of clash between traditional Chinese music and western music in a Chinese movie! Yet, the movie's just refreshing- our heroine really did good job in portraying her comic and emotional character-thumbs up!And the other side characters were also well-acted, cinematography is well-done too- sometimes eye-soothing, even some animation works can be found within this movie. And about music section- you won't expect any better from college students and the scenes portraying rivalry & playing all those traditional and western instruments were done very realistically. So when you feel dull and dizzy in midst of monotonous life and cringe for some comic relief, a good-innocent teenage movie to enjoy at a stretch, just go for it! :)

  • Fun, Funny, & Inspiring by 9

    It's a show for teens but it's very well done and has a good message. Remember that it wasn't produced for a western audience, it's for an Eastern audience. That doesn't diminish it at all but I say that so you'll realize there are a lot of cultural differences, and that adds to it's charm. Highly recommended.

  • A cute movie by 7

    This movie is really cute. I really like how the romance played out as well; it was refreshing. Very funny.

  • Must see if you love music, funny & youth by 8

    Very good movie and especially Chinese folk music in this movie is sooooo sooooo good. I'm fan of Zither sound and after watching movie, I rewinded to performances and listen again and again.

    Other things like high school friendship, funny, inspirational, giving knowledge about Chinese musical instruments.

    Only thing downside is few things in last performance (you'll see for yourself). Apart from that, this movie is very fun to watch.

1Ying Zhangcinematographer
2Kubert Leungcomposer
3Ran Wangdirector
4Chiu Wah Leeproducer
5Yat Ping Wongproducer
6Jingjing Baowriter