Pity I Don't Have Perfect Pitch Too (2017)

Pity I Don't Have Perfect Pitch Too (2017)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 70 min
  • Original Title: Pity I Don't Have Perfect Pitch Too
  • Voted: 32

This Pitch Perfect spoof follows Wrecka as she joins the all-female acappella group, the "Musicats", against their rival, the "Melodogs".

1Amaris KirbyWrecka
2Jessi BurketteCloney
3Wesley ElderBesse
4Valeri BatesLaundry
  • You might laugh harder at footage from September 11th by 1

    Holy mother of all that is holy... I have NEVER seen a more offensively stupid, nonsensical pile of sub-par garbage in my entire life. Are these writers on drugs or something?

    PIDHPPT makes The Room look like a cinematic masterpiece and I'll tell you why.

    Lets highlight some of the "jokes" that somehow wasted hard drive space on a 2012 Macbook.

    1) The story revolves around an acapella group that doesn't sing. The writers/film makers were either too lazy/stupid/cheap to acquire the rights to parody any songs, so they decide to explain this in text throughout the film.

    Either that... or they legitimately thought the text explanations would be funny. There is one song where ghost characters sing, and the text points out how well it works since you "can't see their lips moving"

    2) Each character is given a name that makes no sense. Laundry, Wrecka, Bessie (a boy) and Cloney. Hilarious!

    3) A skinny girl disappears by turning sideways. Get it?

    4) A girl just farts randomly.

    5) a Fat bronie called Bronie does magic and fails miserably.

    6) Some nerd character with the charisma of a used condom forces the female lead to watch movies with him. Classics like Tar Wars, The Brunch Club and... I don't remember any of the other god awful spoofs.

    7) They thought the best way to parody an ACTUAL film (Whiplash) would be to hire an actor to recite the antagonists lines note for note.

    8) two characters repeat the same lines arguing over the script, in a pathetic attempt to both break the fourth wall, and crack a joke. Neither works.

    9) Characters are hit in the face, tripped, slapped, etc. in a style of pratfall humor that peaked in the 1930s when Moe, Larry and Curly were doing it.

    10) Two tone deaf actors have a brief sing-song insult war.

    Honestly, this is just painful to write about, let alone watch.

1Josiah Renegadedirector
2Tom Hansenproducer
3Ethan Cooperwriter