Play or Die (2019)

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release year: 2019 (2019-05-10)
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Play or Die
  • Voted: 511
Play or Die is a movie starring Charley Palmer Rothwell, Roxane Mesquida, and Laetitia Chambon. Welcome to Paranoia, the ultimate escape game. Rule #1: Nothing is real. Rule #2: One of you will die. Lucas and Chloe, two passionate...
1Roxane MesquidaChloe
2Priscilla AdadePolicewoman
3Helena ChambonNurse
4Laetitia ChambonNurse
  • 5x times worse than Escape Room 5/17/2019 12:00:00 AM by eliinite 4

    Well, was expecting something much more decent. we have seen quite a lot of movies of this genre to ask filmmakers to be original.A couple of months back was released Escape Room movie. That's much better than this one, at least some originality. Some, not a lot.Play or die is very very simple escape movie, with no original rooms or tasks. we have seen all of it inthe saw and other classics.then, the very ending with some revelations of one players life+

    • i dont really understand what it has to do with the game. All the movie so seemed a trial of a first year filmmaking student to
    imitate some movies he had seen. Not convincing at all. Too simplistically.

  • A more serious and dark approach to the Escape room genre 7/3/2019 12:00:00 AM by eve_dolluk 5

    Well its an escape room film, probably the 4th in around a year or so. So far most have been silly and cheesy but mildly entertaining.

    This however is a different approach to the genre.

    The mood is dark and serious and has a more European approach to it. This isn't a bad thing in theory.

    So why only a 5 ??? well quite simply its a hot mess. Overall I think the idea and story is a good one but the approach was lacking.

    There are some obvious budget restraints that show but they can be forgiven.The real problem is with the execution, the games while serve as a purpose for something more sinister try to be complex and thoughtful but come across as inane and coincidental while also lacking any tension.

    The whole thing plays out as a set up for the grand finale, this becomes noticable early on and I found very jarring. The result was all I wanted was the twist to arrive which unfortunately wasnt a great surprise as the hints were not very subtle and more thrown in your face within some terrible and inane exposition.

    This was a shame as the film had a great dark feel to it and it really should have been a bit more cute and clever in how it approached its build up and slow reveal.

    Production and acting can't be faulted, the effects at times were lacking but while not great also not awful and I think most were real effects and not poor CGI.

    There is also many many plot holes and unexplained things ( probably due to them being unexplainable ) A case of artistic licence being pushed too hard.

    I can respect the effort and thought the lead actor did a really good job, although he is not so well known he is actually quite experienced within British film and TV.

    The rest of the supporting cast were ok.

    My score is middling for a nice but broken attempt at a dark psychological thriller.


  • Just bad... 7/8/2019 12:00:00 AM by radityanugraha-78569 2

    Really bad acting except for the lead but still so boring, avoid at all costs.

  • Omg sooo bad acting 7/7/2019 12:00:00 AM by o-asoon-o 1

    Its really the worst movie of this year only rhe leader he was good and perfect but the other woman whith she is hill worst thing

  • Over used idea - but well put together 7/7/2019 12:00:00 AM by thequestionmarkthesecond 8

    As a fan of horror films I have felt a big let down in many movies in past years as they fail to give deapth to a movie and give you the "after' feeling of a horror movie when you keep thinking of it.So...I've seen alot of bad reviews on the this movie and when I watched it I was suprised. The movie it self is pretty fun to watch, once the action kicks off you really are captivated, espcially when questions rise up.First of all, what I love about the movie is its direct approach to many question that arise while watching the film. The characters do not ignore but rather ask them and say what they think. Thats a very good sign of a horror movie in my opinion, because while most of the horror films ignore the obivios and logical question, either not asking them or just accepting vague answer, these characters put the hard question on the line and give you a satisfication that the characters aren't making stupid desicions like in most horror films. Moreover, this movie has great actors, the main actor had me get the feels when he was angry, or sad or even scared.Many people belive that horror films "need" to be as good as old ones, but the truth is that originality isn't just taking a new idea and making a movie about it, you can see many movies that failed to do it, originality is taking the movie to a different place, by using or not using the same idea, just having a different narrative. In other words, making a movie that doesn't end with the death of everyone and the killer is loose, this is an exampe of a lack of originality, but rather making a film with a big twist that you didn't see coming, either if its fitting for a horror film or not. I believe that this film does it really well, putting together alot of mestries throughout and finishing with a answering a few and adding alot more depth to the main character (which many horror films fail to do! adding depth is number 1 biggest fail of many horror films that just have broad and shallow characters, and there is many, many horror films today that are considered "Good" but fail to do all of the above).

    A big downfall of this movie is that the characthers seem to be really smart, they solve the riddles too quickly and it doesn't feel like its much of challenge. In addition it is very hard to understand sometimes how they solved the riddle, but the movie does a very good job explaining it. It could be either an advantage or disadvantage of the movie depends how you see it.

    Lastly, a TL;DR - if you are looking for a well put medium gore/horror story this one is pretty nice, with great actors and a different storyline that usuall with major twists :)

1Jacques Klugerdirector
2Sebastien Auscherproducer
3Serge de Poucquesproducer
4David Elfersiproducer
5Sylvain Goldbergproducer
6Amiel Bartanawriter