Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe (2017)

Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe (2017)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 77 min
  • Original Title: Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe
  • Voted: 694

With her background and experience in the field, the former French adult film star, director, documentarist, and feminist, , investigates the current state of production and distribution of pornography, as the once lucrative adult film industry is in rapid decline more than ever before. Without a doubt, a lot has changed since the advent of the multitude of free online sites, or "tubes", and the crash of the omnipotent DVD market in the mid-2000s, and nowadays, performers earn less while being forced to shoot more and more challenging scenes. But, with a rampant piracy and nearly no profit at all, who is the one who benefits?

  • Well done and informative by 10

    Judging by the many poor reviews here I suspect many don't want to have their porn judged, but this is a very well done documentary. A woman who once worked in porn, examines just what has happened in the porn industry as free tubes sites have taken over. She explores it from top to bottom, and we meet not only performers and producers, but people who have investigated the secretive people who actually run the industry. I know I learned a lot from it and was fascinated by it. If you're expecting to see porn in this, well it's not included. What I did see was a kind of shocking and sickening tale of what the world has become.

  • Preachy, biased and disingenuous by 3

    Production values are high and the facts aren't wrong, but they are very much skewed through the lens of a clear opponent to the industry. This movie is less about the shape and climate of the porn industry and is more a scathing indictment of it. There are some interesting facts in there - the part about Pornhub's creator rising from nobody to mogul was pretty cool - but the entire thing is just dripping in an overall attitude of "this is barbaric and you're a bad person if you watch porn". This angle runs throughout the entire film and while I could accept it as an opinion it's made very clear very quickly that the presenter thinks this is fact. Overall comes off as a sermon instead of cinema and you can safely avoid it.

  • A deep insight from a defined dark aesthetic by 7

    Pornocratie introduces a debate where is porn watched in 2017. It departs from a historical recount of how the adult entertainment industry did its crossover from DVD towards digital streaming, and how this crossover it seriously changed the rules behind it. The material gathered, the sources and the comments by the documentary maker and host provide an insiders' perspective and a daring explanation for the porn tubes' phenomena.

  • Anti-capitalist and semi-feminist biased opinion by 2

    As much as I hate pornography for ethical and moral reasons, this is a bad documentary. Also, too many long and unnecessary cuts from adult videos. The opinion of the director is heavily imposed on the viewer.

    We should pursue this conglomerate for tax evasion and violation of law, but not for the fact they're destroying adult films. I don't care what salary gets the producer or those who participate in the act (by the way this documentary was solely focused on the salary of the women without mentioning the salary of men like they're not suffering too). It's just the way the market works. It's not easy out there. If you're a marxist feminist you should state that the very first minute of your documentary.

    The very last bit was especially ridiculous. The evil platform-creators charge 70% of the income. Girls get even half of that if they work in the studio. Well...Those girls can create their own studio if they want to earn more. They can also create their own platform or encourage other people to do so to balance the market. I can't sympathize with a person who says working as a waitress is hard so I'm doing this cam thing.

    Apparently, the sort of person who can sympathize with them is an ex-porn pro-feminist actress. But you're sympathizing with them for the wrong reasons. It's called bad judgment. You shouldn't destroy your personal live and damage your psyche for any money, even more so for little money. Take it from someone who lives in a country poorer than Romania. I'd better die than show my most private parts to other people for money.

    Living is hard, it's true. Don't make your dying easier, it doesn't help.

  • This isn't a documentary - don't waste your time by 1

    If you are a conspiracy theorist or just like wasting your time watching a bunch of nonsensical and poorly researched content then this is still probably not worth your time.

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