Premonition (2005)

Premonition (2005)
  • 467
  • R
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 2005 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Premonition
  • Voted: 467

After a violent car wreck nearly takes his life, Detective Jack Barnes begins having inexplicable and terrifying premonitions of horrible disasters. At first his warning calls go unheeded, but as the premonitions begin to come true Jack is shocked to find himself wanted for questioning by the FBI. He goes on the run, narrowly avoiding both the FBI and a band of terrorists on the verge of unleashing a deadly attack. As he scrambles to unlock the meaning of the visions, he must race against the clock to stop the terrorists before they can strike again.

1Casper Van DienJack Barnes
2Catherine OxenbergKate Barnes
3Kyle Jordon DrewitzR.J. Barnes
4Doug AbrahamsDetective Tom Kelly
  • Casper Van Dien In... "The Dead Zone"! oops... I mean "The Psychic" by 6

    "Premonition" or "The Psychic" is a decent thriller. It's basically a variation on "The Dead Zone". Instead of Walken it's Casper Van Dien.

    Van Dien plays Jack Barnes, a cop who gets killed in the line of duty. He's brought back to life and now he see visions of disasters. These visions somehow connect to a terrorist group.

    Casper puts in a good performance. Everybody else is mediocre. The action scenes are well-filmed, but the special effects are cheesy. The helicopters and explosion at the end of the film looked too fake.

    In the end: It's definitely not a bad film, if you watch it with low expectations.

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  • pitiful; hopefully only cost $50,000 to produce by 2

    a nuclear terrorist plot behind a back-from-the-dead-visions wrapper; terrible acting with one of those casts consisting of no one you have ever seen before other than the top 2 or 3 folks in the billing; no reality to the actions of the actors in the plot, with the FBI not bothering to follow up on any clues or taking seriously any information given them; the wife limited to a long series of "Oh, Jack.." lines; the kid existing for the sole purpose of being put in danger at just the right moment;a Grade C made-for-2am effort; unlike some bad movies, you realize from the very beginning that this will never start to become interesting; you have to wonder why they bothered with this.

  • All-too-familiar tale of a man who can see the future by 7

    A low rent Canadian TV movie that explores the idea of psychic premonitions in much the same way as the likes of THE DEAD ZONE et al. This one brings nothing new to the concept, instead happy to retread old ground in its telling of a man who dies in a car accident, only to be brought back to life with a special talent for foreseeing the future.

    Casper Van Dien has always been a likable hero, an actor who I've enjoyed seeing since STARSHIP TROOPERS. He's certainly no great shakes as an actor but he has charisma at least, which counts for something. He's the best thing about this otherwise shoddy film, putting plenty of effort into his leading role and handling himself well in the action stakes.

    Sadly, PREMONITION as a whole is spoilt by a script which copies disaster scenarios from other movies - an earthquake, a train crash which virtually reprises the one in DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE - and doesn't have much in the way of originality to it. In addition, the CGI effects of trains, helicopters, and the like are very poor indeed. It's not a terrible film, just a generally lacklustre one.

  • Premonitions of the utmost predictable kind... by 7

    Well, the 2005 movie "Premonition" from writer Will Stewart and director Jonas Quastel is built upon a concept that is over-used in Hollywood movie history, and sadly then "Premonition" didn't really manage to cash in on the concept in a very fulfilling or entertaining manner.

    The storyline told in "Premonition", as written by Will Stewart was just too mundane, too stereotypical and predictable. And that left nothing up for the audience to get thrilled about. Sure, the movie was adequately enough paced, but the lack of ups and down, or curves for that matter, along the ride made for a rather monotonous movie experience.

    The characters in the movie were adequate, albeit somewhat generic, thanks to the writing. And again, the character concepts were things that had been seen before, so there was nothing grand to be experienced here. And that sort of put a dampening restriction upon the cast of actors and actresses.

    The special effects in "Premonition", however, were bad. They were laughably bad, and they looked like something that was discarded from a 1990s computer game. It was just atrocious to look at, and such bad special effects just hinders a movie in its progress.

    Sure, "Premonition" was watchable, but it was hardly a memorable experience, and ultimately it was a less than mediocre movie as a whole. My rating of director Jonas Quastel's 2005 movie lands on a four out of ten stars.

1Pieter Stathiscinematographer
2John Seredacomposer
3Jonas Quasteldirector
4Richard Benwickeditor
5Michael Derbasproducer
6Will Stewartwriter