Project: Kill (1976)

Project: Kill (1976)
  • 299
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1976 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Project: Kill
  • Voted: 299

John Trevor escapes from the military base where he commanded Project: Kill, a mind control experiment that used drugs to create bodyguards and assassins for the United States and makes his way to the Philippines. Soon Trevor finds himself in love with Lee Su and feeling the withdrawal symptoms from the drugs for the mind control that make him very dangerous not only to himself but everyone around him. His former second in command Project: Kill agent Frank Lassiter has been ordered to find him before the with drawl effects become too violent and before he sells out the program. Asian mobster Alok Lee is also after Trevor in the hopes of getting the secrets of Project: Kill. Time is running out for Trevor as the with drawl becomes worse, Lassiter, the Philippine police, and Lee's men close in on him.

1Leslie NielsenJohn Trevor
2Gary LockwoodFrank Lassiter
3Nancy KwanLee Su
4Vic SilayanChief Insp. Cruz
  • Dumb and Double Dumb rumble at sundown by 4

    Hi, Everyone, One way to make a movie build as it progresses, is to start with a very boring scene. Leslie Neilsen begins his role here by narrating a training film. We can instantly see he ain't the swiftest. The problem is, it is not a comedy. It's funny sometimes but never a comedy.

    The director must be given most of the blame. The cast is OK. Gary Lockwood and Leslie Neilsen should change their roles. Leslie would make a better pursuer. Maybe Nancy Kwan and Gary should change roles. Nancy would be more believable in the fight scenes than Gary.

    The actors appear to be doing their own stunt fighting. They look confused. They seem to be trying to remember their choreography while the opponents wait to be punched.

    The acting borders on awful. Sometimes it crosses that border. The writing is conventional. You have a super secret agency of the government that is made up of well armed men. They are all very stupid. They have $300,000 to play with that they had hidden somewhere. They film some of their exploits for training purposes, but the films are all too dark to see what is going on.

    My guess is that Leslie Neilsen and Gary Lockwood and Nancy Kwan have never got together to celebrate the release of this stinker.

    I almost forgot. There is a song in the movie. The girl who sang it was the one who should have been chased and Karate chopped. Actually maybe the song writer should have been the villain.

    Compare the beginning speech of George C. Scott in Patton with Leslie Neilsen's speech at the beginning of this movie. George C. Scott had a passion and the words to fit that passion. Leslie Neilsen sounds like a boxer being interviewed after a bout where he was unable to find a neutral corner.

    If you want a turkey for Thanksgiving, this might be it. This is the bird that didn't quite make it over the cuckoo's nest.

    Tom Willett

  • Why, God, why? by 1

    I have seen many movies throughout my life just like the next guy. This was something special. Project Kill is the worst movie I have ever seen. I actually bought this movie because of the comments made on this website and thought to myself that it can't be THAT bad. Boy was I wrong about that. This movie was rated R back in 1977 and after viewing it, I have yet to find out why. Just a few things that made this film horrible include: The dialogue has inflections that don't make sense where they are placed, the "fight" scenes are so fake I almost started throwing things at the TV, and Nancy Kwan's role in this gem is absolutely pointless. This movie is so bad, I just had to force myself to laugh during some parts to avoid an aneurysm. Godspeed to those who want to subject themselves to this torture.

  • The most painful movie I've ever watched 10 times! by 7

    This movie is not even "so bad it's good". This is the worst directed, acted, choreographed, written and scored movie I've ever seen. It is a serious film, not a spoof (which is not surprising because Leslie Nielsen was in a lot of serious movies before appearing in 'Airplane') although I find it hard to believe that the reviews which praise William Girdler are not spoofs.

    Even if you an Ed Wood fan, you'll probably still hate this. It is unfortunate that you cannot even laugh at the low quality of this film. You can only feel embarrassed for all involved.

    Yet, I have watched this many times trying to figure out just why it is in a league of its own. I can't figure it out. If you had a "bad film" competition and invited entries from the most talented and innovative directors (as well as any old hack), no one could top this. I am not joking.

    So Why did I give it 10 stars? Because that was the only number available with a zero in it. Also, because film students should be forced to watch this and write down everything wrong with it and promise never to make any of those mistakes.

    I'm sorry Leslie!

  • Lacked Several Key Elements by 4

    Formed as a counter-assassination unit, "Project-Kill" has evolved from protecting persons of influence to one of covert assassination. Having risen up through the ranks "John Trevor" (Leslie Nielsen) has seen this change and he doesn't approve of it. As a result, even though he is in charge of training he announces his decision to leave the organization to his subordinate, "Frank Lassiter" (Gary Lockwood). This decision stuns Gary who reminds him that this type of action requires a lengthy debrief due to the top-secret information he possesses which other countries would love to have. Along with that his departure would also require a gradual withdrawal process because of the drugs all the agents take to bolster their effectiveness. But John remains firm and decides to leave immediately. When Frank attempts to stop him he is knocked unconscious. We then discover that John has fled to the Philippines with both Frank and other foreign governments in hot pursuit of him. Now, as far as this film is concerned, although the overall plot was certainly good, it lacked several key elements which could have immensely benefited this movie. For starters, other than Leslie Nielsen and Nancy Kwan (as "Lee Su") the acting was pretty bad. In particular, the performance of Pamela Parsons (as "Lynn Walker") was especially wooden. Likewise, both the script and the fight sequences needed improvement as well. In short, although this movie isn't extremely bad, it isn't necessarily that good either. I rate the movie as slightly below average.

  • Modern MST3K anyone? by 2

    It's a pretty heinous film that features a man in a wicker wheelchair, Leslie Neilson's scarred chest, plenty of very ugly Filipinos, horribly set up karate sequences, and people who look like they are waiting for others to finish their lines so they can begin.

    I think the plot is like this. Two guys, one being Leslie Neilson, are at odds since one wants out of this Project Control. Basically people are shooting up to become superstrong? Well Leslie Neilson gets mixed up with some Filipino gangs who don't like either one of the Americans. There is a side romance too. Makes little sense really.

    I'm sure Leslie would love for you to forget that he was in this one, but sadly like the movie says: "The only way out is DEATH."

    Watchability: 2 out of 10 MST3K quality: 7 out of 10

1Frank E. Johnsoncinematographer
2Robert O. Raglandcomposer
3William Girdlerdirector
4Terence Andersoneditor
5Galen Thompsonwriter
6David Sheldonwriter