Psycho Goreman (\N)

Psycho Goreman (\N)
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  • Genre: Sci-Fi
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  • Original Title: Psycho Goreman
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Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord. Using a magical amulet, they force the monster to obey their childish whims, and accidentally attract a rogues' gallery of intergalactic assassins to small-town suburbia.

1Owen MyreLuke
2Adam BrooksGreg
3Nita-Josee HannaMimi
4Matthew KennedyKortex
  • No prisoners taken by 9

    If you are squeamish or are sensible and can't take any weird humor ... dark humor ... comedy that is not afraid to offend - well you might as well not watch it. Because this movie really is as far out as they can be. Brilliant turn and acting by the girl (kid) and main character here. But you won't like what she does or says. Well you shouldn't ... she is quite something.

    Add to her mean personality, an bloodthirsty alien and you have tag team made in hell. This unlikely alliance is exactly that ... and very fragile too. There is not much of a story here. Just many stories added to make this as crazy as possible. And that is why I really liked it. Not for everyone as stated, but those who will like it's punk attitude and anarchy, will love it

  • If you read the description and said, "this movie is for me" then you will love this by 10

    This is not a movie that children should watch but it is a kid's movie in logic and plot- and that glue and consistency makes everything come together to make a movie that I now consider one of my favorites. The writer/director clearly has a great love for both "kid befriends monster" movies and tokusatsu programming. And it's funny. The script is tightly packed with humorous moments in almost every line and scene. After my spouse and I saw this at the drive-in, we drove home recounting our favorite tiny moments that stood out and made us laugh the hardest.

    With a background in practical effects and a passion for the material, we have a movie that's consistently funny and does this concept without being edgy or "shocking just to shock". Yes there's plenty of gore in select scenes but it isn't gore that's done to turn stomachs but instead as a gift to those who love practical effects and those who enjoy B horror. And this may sound strange but pretty much every scene and image of gore is done strategically for laughs. It doesn't linger on a scene or revel in it. It's an homage and a gag.

    I want to also briefly mention the character and "monster" designs of this movie. Incredibly, each new horrible transformation or supervillain was head-to-toe encased in a lovingly detailed and distinct wild and creative costumes, each a nod to power ranger-esque villains. My favorite was a walking bucket of corpses who got ground up to weakly spray blood as their attack. It's hard to describe in words what was such a slate of fantastic and detailed character designs.

    In the end I don't know if this movie will land with everyone. Like I said above, this is very much a kid's movie, though twisted into a bizarre alternate world version of one where swearing is a no go but someone shattering into a pile of viscera right in front of two children is fine. I do think that most people who looked at the premise and were intrigued will find this a lovingly crafted and very funny way to spend an hour and a half.

  • its ok in-spite of itself by 4

    There's some cool low budget troma Esq moments in here that are worth the watch and some good gore,but you have to wade through a lot of crap to see it. misplaced confidence in its poor script and weak jokes, and terrible acting just weigh the film down sadly ...if you like another wolfcop and can survive middle tier troma then give it a go or just fast forward to the great practical effects and cool creature designs ...if not watch turbo kid or the last half of Mandy instead.

  • Ignore the fakes on here. It bad, Reeeeeal bad. by 2

    Nice to see all the fave reviews, this film sucks like nothing has ever suckest before, effects by nokia 3210 and filmed using a potato. So bad. The acting is just a joke.

    Worth watching if you want to see how bad a $30 budjet film can be,

    It hurts..


    I usually can get into campy, 80's-ish, fun-silly movies (like TURBO KIDS or similar in tone/atmosphere/etc.) and it looked like PSYCHO GOREMAN would be right up my alley but it was a really terrible movie. it's not even "so-bad-it's-good"/guilty pleasure type of movie. the writing and the acting is horrible even for an intentionally campy/goofy movie like this one. the every character (except for the young brother who was cool & Psycho Goreman who was the best thing in the film) was mind-numbingly annoying ESPECIALLY the lead young girl. she was kind of funny at first but after about 10 minutes of her insulting/bullying everyone you just wish her character would die violently and painfully. LOL.

    there's some fun gore/blood scenes and many of the FX are 80's style terrific. the problem is those fun gore/blood scenes aren't enough to make the AWFUL writing and atrocious acting (grade school plays have better acting!) more tolerable. i really wanted to like this movie but it's worse than a Power Rangers (or show/movies like it) episode.

1Andrew Appellecinematographer
2Steven Kostanskidirector
3Stuart F. Andrewsproducer
4Shannon Hanmerproducer