Pulling Push Doors (2017)

Pulling Push Doors (2017)
  • 29
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: Pulling Push Doors
  • Voted: 29

After losing her parents and being left by her boyfriend, Bubblegum Teddybear moves from Kansas to Albuquerque, New Mexico. She rejects the dating life and lives in a ghost world, where she is fully aware that her life is a movie. Bubblegum is familiar with cinematic structure and tries to make problems for herself so that her movie can have a happy ending. Despite her best efforts, love follows her and pushes her genre ever closer to tragedy.

1Lauren PooleLydia
2Doug MontoyaInerviewer
3Jason WitterGary
4Rhiannon FrazierBuffy
5Harrison SimJeff
6Katy HouskaBubblegum Teddybear
7Barbara GearyYoga Lady
8Julibeth HendrenFront Desk Lady
9Joanna FurgalFrench Bartender
  • Bad, even for a student film by 1

    I couldn't watch much of this. I ended up fast forwarding after about the first half hour. And that much was torture.

    First of all it didn't make sense and second of all, the characters - and I mean all of them - were not one bit likeable. It's impossible to like a movie that has no likeable characters. No story either.

    It had the feel of a badly done student film with the class mates in the cast. No one had any idea how to act and there was nothing even slightly funny about anything they said.

    Don't waste even a minute with this one. Don't know how it got a 6 rating unless the whole class voted a 10 for it to boost the ratings.

1Aaron Hendrendirector