Quiz (2020)

Quiz (2020)
  • 4092
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 147 min
  • Original Title: Quiz
  • Voted: 4092

Quiz tells the story of Charles Ingram, a former British army major, who caused a major scandal after being caught cheating his way to winning £1 million on the game show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

1Matthew MacfadyenCharles Ingram
2Sian CliffordDiana Ingram
3Mark BonnarPaul Smith
4Aisling BeaClaudia Rosencrantz
5Helen McCrorySonia Woodley QC
6Michael SheenChris Tarrant
7Elliot LeveyDavid Briggs
8Risteard CooperDavid Liddiment
9Trystan GravelleAdrian Pollock
10Michael JibsonTecwen Whittock
  • Exciting drama but how much is actually fact? by 7

    I tend to be always wary of things based on a true story. A mixture of fact and fiction often blurs the tedious factual parts with outlandish falsehoods to make the show more exciting as a whole. Therefore it can often be difficult to engage yourself to view it as fact as there are a large number of scenes which appear to be grandstanding for the viewers.

    Despite the above, the series is actually an exciting drama with some occasional comedy moments. It's certainly worth a viewing. The acting itself appears great, however it's difficult to know how good the acting is considering we're unaware whether the actors are portraying the Ingrams directly or whether there have been things added.

    The reason for the 7/10 is not due to the production, excitement or directing, it is due to the script. I am slightly perplexed as to why the script has been written to feel empathy towards Charles Ingram. Although the wife was responsible for pushing Charles, he has surprisingly been made to look the innocent party, this is despite Charles committing insurance fraud before the quiz show fraud. So why has the script been written to make us feel empathetic?

    Overall the show is well worth the watch. It's exciting, gripping and interesting. Would really recommend, however most certainly take everything with a pinch of salt - it's not all fact!

  • Watch the actual epsiode on Youtube afterwards by 5

    A very misleading mini series.

    It is well made as light entertainment goes and the acting is generally very good with the glaring exception of 'Ingram' who, when portrayed in the chair, is a noticeably different character than you can see on the real how.

    The trial is also changed to make interesting television rather than a fair account of the evidence presented.

    So - 8 for entertainment and 2 for accuracy.

  • An enjoyable 3 part drama.........But by 8

    This was a very entertaining three part drama from ITV about how James Ingram and his wife allegedly cheated there way winning a million pounds on the quiz show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire ".

    I can assure you without giving anything away, after the final episode you like me will think the Ingram's were hard done by. And yet in a court of law with two of the countries finest barristers and a jury they were found guilty. This is because we only see the case for the defence and hardly any of the prosecution. In fact all three episodes felt like it was made by the Ingrams to make them look the victims.

    However that apart I did learn a lot about the quizzing community who had devised a way of beating the phone in system to get themselves on the show. (You would have thought the producers suspected something when one contestant made it on the show four times!)

    All the performances are excellent in particular Michael Sheen as the quiz host Chris Tarrent. 8/10

  • Exciting!!! by 10

    I really enjoyed the first episode of Quiz! It is a wonderful production, paid attention to details. The cast is absolutely amazing! Matthew Macfadyen is brilliant as Charles Ingram, his natural acting is simply captivating!!! Can't wait for episode 2!

  • Last episode ruined it by 5

    It was all about making them look innocently and the prosecution sum up didn't feature at all. Weird