Raggare! (1959)

Raggare! (1959)
  • 132
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 1959 ()
  • Running time: 88 min
  • Original Title: Raggare!
  • Voted: 132

Young Greasers gather in at a café outside Stockholm. Roffe is the toughest greaser and kidnaps his girlfriend Bibban, when he discovers that she is out riding with other guys. Bibban falls in love with the sensitive Lasse.

1Christina SchollinBeatrice 'Bibban' Larsson
2Bill MagnussonRoffe
3Hans WahlgrenLasse
4Svenerik PerzonLankan
1Frank Dalincinematographer
2Bertil Palmgrencinematographer
3Harry Arnoldcomposer
4Olle Hellbomdirector
5Lennart Walléneditor
6Olle Nordemarproducer