Ransom (2018)

Ransom (2018)
  • 96
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 98 min
  • Original Title: Ransom
  • Voted: 96

A young ex-con seeking redemption is surprised by a bank foreclosure that forces him to plot against a ruthless crime boss.

  • Impressive gangster tale from Mozambique by 8

    Well acted, fast paced, highly convincing and timely, this fresh surprise from Mozambique breathes originality. An ex con returns home and is tempted to go back to his criminal activities in order to make ends meet and save his house. Things turn violent and unexpected and the viewer is invited for a humbly efficient ride of violence and corruption. Plus the cinematography is outstanding and the actors (even the small parts) are incredibly great. Excellent!

  • mosam- buck-thriller by 8

    First time ever viewing a flick from down there southeast africa, and it was in fact an amazing surprise. its a story about crime, poverty, social decay and a lot of deceift for a handful of dollars.

    its a rather straight and incomplex story and plot,but the acting and the float of competance from the crew, really shines through, even the extras do a reliable job, so well done by the casting dept. but most of all it serves you a bountyfilled and multifasceted view on a world of crime , corruption and religion in the mosambiqan society

    what what really raised my eyebrow where the filmographic work, and the rythm of the fairly local musical score well knitted into the plot, and lets not forget the sound and editing dept that has gien us a proof that feature film isnt just for the lazy and the rich in the west and north of the world, or south on the african continet.

    the grumpy old man loved the end of this plot, i bet the heat is on... its an almost glitchfree production, and i give it a hi recommend.

  • Great entertainment here: gangster movie from Mozambique! by 7

    A sizzling, contemporary, crisply edited film based in Mozambique, with a dynamic soundtrack and wonderful performances...what else might you want? Though (I suppose) it was probably released in a language other than English the version I enjoyed was very expertly dubbed to English - and in a fashion that enhanced the film and kept the story moving much more quickly than subtitles might have, IMHO. Most of the action takes place in and around Maputo, and the filming captures the bright & beautiful colors of Eastern Coastal Africa, I'm a little shocked by the budget listed on IMDB, the production costs alone would clearly be several times that amount. The hip hop/Afro pop soundtrack is a real treat, never overbearing, offering the sort of freshness I usually look around for as a 'soundtrack' compilation release after I've enjoyed an assembly of sounds like the movie offers. Special mention to Director Mickey Fonseca who has a pretty nice resume on IMDB if you read the fine print, Gil Alexandre, who has the lead role, and Laquino Fonseca, playing an old friend. Overall, my first try with a movie from Mozambique, and now I'm looking for another.

1Mickey Fonsecadirector
2Pipas Forjazproducer