Raven (1996)

Raven (1996)
  • 440
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1996 ()
  • Running time: 93 min
  • Original Title: Raven
  • Voted: 440

Martin Grant has been hiding for years to escape his past as a ruthless mercenary in the elite force Raven Team. He's recently been engaged and are trying to forget the nightmares of murder and betrayal. Martin was convinced, that he could escape... But no one escapes from the Raven Teams ruthless leader Raven. At least not alive. Raven is back with a new team to hunt down and eliminate Grant...

1Burt ReynoldsJerome 'Raven' Katz
2Matt BattagliaMartin 'Duce' Grant
3Krista AllenCali Goodwin
4David AckroydBill Gilley
  • what is it all about? by 7

    what should we do with a movie like this? suspense? no. good acting? no. funny? no. a beautiful supporting actress? ahhh. there we are. krista allen is definitely an eye candy. but if you really wanna see her nude, then check out the "emmanuelle in space"-series. if you don′t care about her at all, then there′s no real reason to watch this. I mean, it′s not that bad. pyrotechnics, guns, muscles, sweat and a twist at the end - but everything′s quite ordinary. "raven team" (german TV title) is entertaining - nothing more, nothing less. you won′t remember that much after you watched it.

  • The Burtster Returns by 5

    If you loved other Burt Reynolds action flicks like "Malone" or "Stick", which of course you did or you wouldn't be reading this, you'll like this one. Burt plays Jerome Katz, AKA "The Raven", an assassin for the government. When his latest mission busts, he goes underground. He turns up a few years later as a mercenary who plays by his own rules. His newest job is kill Martin Grant (Matt Battaglia) who is a fugitive. As usual, it doesn't go as planned. The best action sequence was in the beginning, so watch out for that. "Boogie Nights" was only a few years away at this point.

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  • Burt deserves better, or maybe he doesn't... by 7

    A very tired looking Burt Reynolds plays a mercenary battling his former employers for some gizmo these non-heroes plan to sell to "the Iranians." Low-rent video nonsense by the producers of "Silk Stalkings" offers some decent action footage and a lot of ineptly staged "drama"...a lack of logic and truly dreadful dialogue are the defining aspects, although the final twists and allegiance shifts could've been a nifty end to a better movie. Burt still has presence, although it also means you notice more when he mouths insultingly half-baked "one-liners".

  • Who writes this stuff?? by 2

    About three minutes into this thing I started fast-forwarding, pausing only during the nudity (why is it that bad movies always include such good looking women?). In ten minutes I was done, and wishing I could get my money back from the rental store. The people who write these movies should be sanctioned by the MPAA. Come on writers - the bad guys ALWAYS get into the car with the bomb activated by the good guy's remote control! That's the way its been done since the days of the Ottoman Empire! Also, to add insult to injury, the "twist" at the end was so formulaic, that it could have come from any action movie written in the past 25 years. Burt Reynolds was fine, but he should concentrate on real movies.

    This movie is just a waste of time - Run away! Run away!

  • Really bad!!! by 1

    I am definitely a Burt Reynolds fan, but sorry, this one really stinks. Most of the dialogue is laughable and the only interesting plot twist is in the last five minutes of the movie. I can't believe he even made this one. Is he actually that hard up for money?

1Harry Manfredinicomposer
2Russell Solbergdirector
3Scott Levittaproducer
4Rex Pianoproducer
5Stu Segallproducer
6Joe Hartwriter