Ray Meets Helen (2017)

Ray Meets Helen (2017)
  • 149
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 100 min
  • Original Title: Ray Meets Helen
  • Voted: 149

In bizarre, unrelated turns of events, Ray and Helen each happen upon large sums of money which give them the chance to re-invent themselves.

1Keith CarradineRay
2Sondra LockeHelen
3Keith DavidHarve
4Samantha MathisMary
  • Not the way I would be if I came across loads of money! by 1

    Helen may as well have been a department store mannequin for all the animation she had in this! Ray, don't know what he was? An ex boxer, insurance investigator? One minute he is like super drunk, then he isn't, then he blabbers... Who was the kid with the bag? I mean you can have a fantasy, but make it a story, not a bunch of scenes! I felt like I was watching a very long preview the way this movie unfolded.Who are the 4 guys chasing, why? You don't hold a big wad of money to pay for something, either you can read a total on the dinner check or you are a 3 year old kid... F me!Unlikable people for the whole cast! Couldn't warm up, connect, sympathise with any of them!Same as I said before, don't judge for yourself, just don't waste your time! I did already for all of us!

  • Nice Final Film for Locke by 7

    It's a little disjointed, and the entire movie is slightly weird.

    You can tell from the opening scenes how sick Sondra Locke was - she looked better at the end of the film, but they don't shoot films in order, do they? She died the next year after fighting cancer for almost 2 decades. This was her last movie.

    It's a sentimental movie. I liked it a lot.

1Spencer Hutchinscinematographer
2Shahar Strohcomposer
3Alan Rudolphdirector
4Jason Ericksoneditor
5Ernst Etchie Strohproducer
6Steven J. Wolfeproducer