Red Dog (2016)

Red Dog (2016)
  • 76
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 99 min
  • Original Title: Pyos Ryzhiy
  • Voted: 76

An action packed and heartwarming story of the friendship formed between a tank-destroyer dog of the Red Army during WWII and a group of soldiers.

1Mikhail ZhigalovYuriy
2Aleksandr VolkovVyacheslav Volkov
3Oksana SkoropadNina
4Tatyana CherdyntsevaTatyana Akinina
  • Oh dear by 1

    Very poor, under-developed script with too much pointless dialogue; stiff performances through lack of motivation, comical explosions with acrobatic dummies, poor direction, abysmal war sequences.

    There is no drive to this script, precious little motivation and virtually no jeopardy.Good points ? Some of the locations were good although they needed context. The end titles contained some interesting statistics.

  • The worst Russian movie about WWII by 1

    My God, what a lousy movie! The screenplay and the acting, Jesus, and the poorest directing. There's no way to describe how bad this movie is. I just can't believe after so many great Russian movies about how the Soviet Russia and their soldiers and people fought so bravely against the Nazi Germans would have such lousy movie to be made and marketed. Unbelievably bad, not just bad. Don't ever waste your time to watch this crap, avoid at all costs!