Road to Red (2016)

Road to Red (2016)
  • 508
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 120 min
  • Original Title: Road to Red
  • Voted: 508

High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, a local sheriff finds world skateboard champion, Paul McGuiness' abandoned hearse parked at a remote alpine lake, a surfboard floating on the surface of the freezing water, but no trace of his body. Rumors immediately go viral that the troubled sports icon has committed suicide or overdosed on drugs from the relentless pressure being put on him to maintain his number one position as world champion. Paul's brother and manager, Bruce McGuiness, soon becomes haunted with the fear that he has caused the death of his younger sibling by having pushed him too hard to compete. Stricken with guilt and shame, he sets out on an epic road trip with four of Paul's best friends to restore his missing brother's honor and skateboard legacy. What begins as an adventure of a lifetime to make skateboard history, quickly turns into an ominous battle for survival as Bruce discovers that what happened to brother, is now happening to him.

1Sean GrayBruce
2Chris BlasmanRob
3Renee DorianMel
4Michael BuffoJimmy
  • Enough is enough by 1

    I don't trust IMDb anymore for the rating! 6.5 seriously? This movie is nothing except a nice poster. Don't see the point of making this movie.

  • 1 hour of nothing by 1

    Seriously, an hour before anything actually happens? What movie were these a-holes out to make? There was a full hour of skateboarding, weed smoking, too old to be doing this nonsense before anything remotely plot moving happens. Tell you what. You wanna watch a good surfing/skateboarding film and horror movie? Watch Dogtown and Z-Boys then immediately watch any decent horror movie that actually knows what the hell it's supposed to be. Or go watch the original Point Break if you're looking for philosophy, surfing and action.

  • 5.6? Noooo by 3

    B grade.. if you got nothing better to do otherwise I'd pass and watch your favourite movie for the 50th time... Big thumbs down

  • The camera man/woman was the only one who did a good job. by 1

    The first hour and half should be cut down to 20 minutes. It is just skate, surf and weed clips. The skate and surf clips are not even good. There was maybe 3 tricks done. It really was just garbage. The last 30 minutes we actually have something happening. The last 30 minutes was bad also. No plot. Not scary or exciting. Surprised there was money actually put into the quality of the filming. The camera man was the only one who did a good job. If you decide to watch just skip the first hour.

  • T...E...D...I...O...U...S.......... yawn by 2

    I added 1 star for the half-decent camerawork.... you're welcome.The acting is ok-ish at best.

    But my word, the pacing of this film.I mean, If I fast forward in a film, it means something is wrong.Now I don't mind a slow story, if it's actually developing into something.This was nothing if not anti-climactic and utterly boring.

    Some parts were just ridiculous.Professional surfers/skaters who just managed to jump and clear relatively big gaps, suddenly panic and collectively jump off their boards when they encounter an unimpressive gash in the track?

    And a rabies infection from a rat? Did he get super rabies? He become symptomatic within mere hours.How did the guy get the candles where did he get the lighter or matches from?And whilst we're at it.... where does this obviously malnourished underground dwelling hermit, living out in the middle of nowhere, get his superhuman strength from? Surely a couple of fit, sporty young people should be able to defeat this guy right?And what about the crosses? Does he keep a ton of them lying around?... just incase a few delicious humans happen to pop around in his makeshift cathedral?

    Personally my biggest grievance is the pseudo philosophical ramblings scattered throughout the film.Lord have mercy.

    The only redeeming quality of this film: a couple of nice shots.

    What a wast of time.

1Bill Ottocinematographer
2Dave Klotzcomposer
3Tito da Costadirector
4Roland G. Ludlowproduction_designer
5Larry Leahywriter