Robin's Wish (2020)

Robin's Wish (2020)
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  • Genre: Biography
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 77 min
  • Original Title: Robin's Wish
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In August 2014, the world was shocked to find out that Robin Williams had died by suicide. For someone who brought so much humor to the world, it was a tragic, traumatic end. But no one knew how much more there was to the story. Left to speculate on Robin's motives, the media circus spun out further and further, leaving the public in the dark about a complicated and obscured truth: Robin - bright, funny, quick witted - had lost a battle against an unknown enemy: the nearly impossible to diagnose brain disease Lewy body dementia. Knowing the truth can make all the difference. LBD is a disease that, while all too common, is unknown to most, and without a diagnosis causes heightened fear, paranoia and confusion. In the end, Robin may have lost his final battle with dementia, but he succeeded at his lifelong goal - To make people less afraid. This is Robin's wish.

  • Robins Wish by 7

    Robins Wish is a very good documentry that showed what happened to one of best persons that ever lived on this planet and how his life sadly ended.Im not gonna lie this was a hard thing to watch mostly because we were watching how Robin after he made so many people happy and to appriaciate their lifes more,that he had to suffer because of horrible desise.Story about him was shown in a very good way here and it put a even more respect from me towards him,sure this isnt different from any other documentry in a style but it doesnt need to be

  • Amazing documentary 10 stars by 10

    I don't usually write movie reviews. Absolutely loved it, never heard of Lewy Body Dementia .What a devastating disease, my dad died from alzimers so I can relate.Really explains what Robin his family and close friends went through. Puts to rest all the rumors the media spread.I actually met him once on his way to an event and he stopped took pictures and talked with everyone that asked. So yes he was really the guy you saw.

  • Thank you Susan Schneider Williams by 10

    Robin's Wish revealed the beauty and power behind the mind of one of the greatest entertainers of all time. He was a loving soul. Thank you Susan Schneider Williams.

  • Uh no.. by 1

    Sure he was funny at times but seriously get a clue.. this for-profit disinformation campaign of a movie seems to entirely miss the most basic of morals, obviously lost amongst 21st american society, which is taking your own life being the most cowardly action possible. No sympathy for a rich famous world at your fingertips celeb who does that.

  • A down to earth legend by 9

    Very few celebrities can be described as iconic, irreplaceable or genius. Robin Williams was all of this and also a regular guy who just wanted to entertain people and make them laugh. It's such a tragedy that he suffered this horrible debilitating illness without knowing what was happening to him, and awful for the people in his life to be powerless to help. There will probably never be anyone as quick witted and talented as him again, which is also a tragedy.