Robot Riot (\N)

Robot Riot (\N)
  • 97
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: 88 min
  • Original Title: Robot Riot
  • Voted: 97

Unconscious soldiers are dropped into a testing site and discover their memories have been wiped. Once docile machines are the new intelligence.

  • Bad CGI and a lack of storyline does not make for great entertainment... by 2

    Well, I am sure that there are some robo-geeks out there that might get something out of the 2020 movie titled "Robot Riot". However, if you sit down to watch this movie for the sake of entertainment, I suggest you move along to something else. This movie just didn't cut it in terms of proper entertainment.

    The storyline was essentially non-existing. People were being dropped into a hot zone with little or no memory and they had to fight - and wait for it - not only the robots in the zone, but also other people! Yeah, that was essentially it. End of story. Well, end of no-story more adequately.

    The acting in the movie was adequate, taking into consideration the lack of storyline, the lack of proper effects and the lack of motivation. I can't claim to be familiar with anyone on the cast list, nor would I be able to single anyone out and say this or that person performed more outstanding in comparison to the rest. All in all, it was a bland performance experience.

    The special effects were dubious at best. I mean, the robots were as animated as something you'd see in a 1990s Mech computer game. It wasn't realistic, nor believable. And the movie suffered terribly from it, especially since a movie such as "Robot Riot" should have great CGI, something that will dazzle the audience and leave a lasting impression. Sure, there was an impression from the CGI, it just wasn't a positive one.

    I am rating "Robot Riot" a generous two out of ten stars, as this was a low budget movie without anything that even resembled a storyline. I managed to sit through the entire ordeal though, but believe you me, this is not a movie that will ever again find its way to my TV.

  • CGI from High School Students by 2

    The CGI of the robots is inconsistent... In one scene look almost authentic, while in others are just so fake. Makes me think they tasked student in CGI to undertake different segments... Some CGI students got an A+ while others barely made an F.

    I found the story line very week, the acting bad and overall, just a waste of time to watch.

    I am thinking which is worse? This movie or Sharknado...?

  • I've seen much worse b-grade films by 5

    Clearly this was a low budget b-grade film, and although flawed, I've seen much worse with bigger budgets.

    The directing wasn't great, but the cinematography was. Sure the CGI wasn't great, but at least the robots were fairly realistic. The story was bland, and didn't expand past guns vs robots much. This movie probably would've been better shot as a short film, instead of the 88 min runtime. There were very obvious plot and technical issues.

    The score however, was on point and surprisingly effective, especially for a b-grade film. Most of the cast - that I've never heard of, performed quite well, with the exception of the wacky evil commander played by Jason Leyva, who was terrible and took away from the films seriousness.

    Nevertheless, I wasn't bored or falling asleep. That alone in my book makes this film worthy of my 5/10

  • Quite good for a "B" Man V. Robots Movie. Worth a look by 6

    The machines were pretty realistic, if not a bit incompetent at killing people, due to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (apparently). Comforting to know if that's how A. I. 's going to work then Tom Connor probably WILL save us one day. But I was not bored by Robot Riot, and I quite liked how the plot really DID adhere to the notion of the survival of the fittest. For those humans that really CAN sprint 100 meters faster to dodge 200-round-per-second machine guns fired by incompetent robots - then it's at least rooted in reality - right?

  • Better than you might expect by 5

    No SF gold in them thar hills, but the robots look pretty good, despite their inability to hit the broad side of a barn with rapid-fire machine gun volleys. No surprises, but no boredom either. Actors were working hard, too. The type of movie that you can enjoyably leave on while you work at something else.

1Ryan Staples Scottdirector
2Aaron Mirteswriter