Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (2013)

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (2013)
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  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Biography
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 93 min
  • Original Title: Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde
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'Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde' is a cinematic adventure that examines the vibrant life of a cowboy, conservationist and award-winning writer, who through extreme perseverance is preserving part of America. From cattle drives, rodeos and conservation battles, to wild horse rescues, personal heartbreak and new-found love, this is the self-told tale of a colorful 6'5" cowboy, paralleling both the old West and America's growing awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources. 'Running Wild' is an inspirational testament for anyone who needs motivation on their own personal journey - and reassurance that each of us can truly make a difference if we try.

1Susan Watt\N
2Tom Cook\N
3Andrew Hyde\N
  • An heart-warming tale of a lifetime endeavour to preserve these magnificent beasts by 9

    It's a surprise that Dayton O'Hyde is not the household name he deserves to be. This is a beautifully shot, beautifully scored tale of an amazing man whose tireless efforts to preserve the habitat of the old American-West has allowed once-endangered wild horses to flourish. Despite his age, Dayton O'Hyde continues his daily struggle against big corporations that want to use the vast expanses of unspoilt wilderness for commercial purposes, and does this in his own inimitable cowboy-style. This man should take his place alongside other legends of the equine world, such as horse-whisperers Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, as a man who truly understands and appreciates these magnificent beasts. A must see.

1Mauro Brattolicinematographer
2Steve Poltzcomposer
3Suzanne Mitchelldirector
4R.A. Feddeeditor
5Dayton O. Hydeself