Shattered Memories (2019)

Shattered Memories (2019)
  • 86
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Shattered Memories
  • Voted: 86

Kelly's life is upended when she wakes up in the hospital with fragments of her memory after a car crash. The only thing she is certain is that the people closest to her, are the very ones she's not sure she can trust: her business partner, her closest friend, and her husband, Dan. Can she find the answers she needs before she is harmed again?

1Helena MattssonKelly Moore
2Corey SevierDan Moore
3Jake StormoenLogan
4Melanie StoneAllison
5David McConnellDetective Vance
6Paul D. HuntMartinez
7Danny JamesFireman Porter
8Gabe CasdorphReed Applegate
9Morgan GunterChad
  • Attractive thriller nicely written by 7

    Beautiful Helen Mattson plays a woman artist and gallery owner pushed out a window and gets amnesia after a car crash fleeing. Who tried to kill her? There is her husband played by Corey Sevier. Her best friend from college and the friends husband who manages the art gallery. Also a real estate developer wants her gallery building. As far as Lifetime thrillers go this one has a little twist on the usual predictability. And a laugh out loud funny moment. The leads are attractive and work well together. Not asking for much so this one is above average. Liked the complete ending.

1John Lydedirector