Sky Tour: The Movie (2020)

Sky Tour: The Movie (2020)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 94 min
  • Original Title: Sky Tour: The Movie
  • Voted: 968


  • Inspiring by 9

    Watching Sky Tour, I can feel the innocent passion and rational enthusiasm from Son Tung M-TP. That is so generous of him to be able to accept the negativity and overcome it.

    There are people that make we love, people that make we admire, and people that make we want to fully support from the bottom of our hearts. There are also people that can do all of that and are willing to give us the tremendous inspiration. Even though our path has nothing in common with his, the inspiration still means something. That is the significance that I keep for myself after watching Sky Tour.Thank you so much for bringing this meaningful gift to the audience, Son Tung M-TP.

  • Sky Tour is Youth, Enthusiasm and Passion by 10

    This is the first movie that made me go to the cinemas 8 times just to see it. Although I have watched it many times (at movie theaters and on Netflix), the feelings for it is still the same as the first time I saw it. Son Tung M-TP music and his high-quality performanes, as well as the stories about the process of organizing Sky Tour still left me in awe every time I watched it. As Tung said, Sky Tour is Youth, Enthusiasm and Passion. Thanks so much for appearing in my youth and being my motivation encouraging me to keep pursuing my dreams. Love you so much, our Vpop Prince!

  • The best by 10

    Wow!!! This is the best performance i've ever seen

  • I Love SonTung by 10

    Love everything about this movie I had waiting long enough for this SonTung you are Amazing ?? thanks to Netflix ......

  • High recommend! by 10

    Love it so much... it's really meanful to me <3 thanks

1Son Tung Mtpself