Snatchers (2019)

Snatchers (2019)
  • 1854
  • R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 96 min
  • Original Title: Snatchers
  • Voted: 1854

After status-obsessed teen Sara has sex for the first time, she wakes up the next day nine months pregnant-with an alien.

1Mary NepiSara
2Gabrielle ElyseHayley
3J.J. NolanKate
4Austin FrybergerSkyler
  • Super fun! by 7

    I watched this during it's run at SXSW. This film was surprising and soulful despite its ridiculous premise. It stabs at everything from female sexuality to bro culture and women's relationships. I could see this being the next Gremlins or Critters.

  • Snatchers, when teen pregnancy wasn't scary enough. by 10

    Snatchers is a hilarious horror/comedy with a bit of scifi-action. A cautionary tale about visiting Mexico and having unprotected sex. For me the strongest elements of the movie were the jokes. They were always just one step ahead of the audience and had the theater roaring. There is a lot of teen slang but it grew on me over time and added another layer of depth to the world.

    Importantly, the characters were well cast. Everyone had killer deliveries that sold and elevated the dialogue which on paper would have had me second guessing.

    The movie was not just well-crafted but polished, and the pace and dialogue so quick you might be laughing through the next bit, but, by adding small details that not only enrich the world but foreshadow events, the movie has a lot of rewatchability.

    It was plenty gory and campy in an Evil Dead sorta way, and the creature was well designed using practical effects. It reminded me a lot of something Ray HarryHausen would come up with.

    Unlike a lot of comedies out there Snatchers has a style. The camera moves, and gets used to its fullest extent to not just capture the comedy but become a part of it, and creating humor using filmmaking which to me is quite refreshing. A Lot of comedies nowadays are lit flatly so the actors can improvise endlessly but I'm happy to report that's not the case here. With zollys, crash zooms, and whip pans, Snatchers feels heavily influenced by the work of Edgar Wright, Sam Rami, and Steven Spielberg.

    I highly recommend seeing the movie wherever you can, but with a large crowd in a theater would be the best.

  • Great! by 7

    Highly entertaining! Hope to see more from these guys!

  • Great film if you want to kill time, funny and supernatural. by 8

    Acting is good. Practical Effects are good.Been a while since I've seen a film like this so it was really nice to come back to this genre. As I said everything is good, not great but good. If you have nothing else to watch throw this one, you'll have a good time. Dumb fun.

  • Refreshingly silly & fun by 8

    Remember when movies were fun and didn't preach present day politics with varying degrees of woke narratives? I didn't mind it at first, but eventually it became the norm. Crafting a story filled with fun likable characters seemed to be a chore and a burden to get through, after peppering social messages throughout.

    By simply having a story that stays away from that made this movie refreshing and delightful. Every one of the diverse cast of characters were likeable and fun & the story was simple escapism reminding me of teen comedies of the early 2000s.

    Yes the story is silly but it's well acted and all the cast has good chemistry together. I'll be following them all in the future.

1Stephen Cedarsdirector
2Benji Kleimandirector
3Eric Fisherproducer
4Scott Hinckleyproducer
5Elli Legerskiproducer
6Scott Yacyshynwriter