Storm Cell (2008)

Storm Cell (2008)
  • 646
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2008 ()
  • Running time: 92 min
  • Original Title: Storm Cell
  • Voted: 646

April Saunders is a divorced mother and a full time storm chaser. The weather is both her career and her full time obsession. Everything else in her life takes second place including her daughter, Rachel, and her brother, Sean. When April, Rachel and Sean get caught up in a terrible storm, April finds that she must fight for her own survival and for the lives of her daughter and brother.

1Mimi RogersApril
2Robert MoloneySean
3Andrew AirlieTravis
4Ryan KennedyRyan
  • Wow... just.... wow... by 1

    This one hurt. And I'm usually a sucker for really bad Twister ripoffs made for cable. We've seen this plot before, twice. Estranged parent-child relationship, because said parent is too devoted to chasing that big storm. Parent is obsessed with storms because of a tragedy in their childhood. Parent predicts The Big One will hit right where estranged child lives. Child doesn't believe them. Child has has several tense emo moments with parent. Big tornado predictably hits, key characters survive, and everyone is happy. See "Devil Winds" and "Tornado Warning" for this by -the-numbers plot as well. Amusingly, they use global warming for an excuse to "move" Tornado Alley to the pacific northwest so they could shoot cheaply in Vancouver. As expected, the tornado effects are lackluster. The CGI crew just rendered the same tornado for every scene. I think what really got to me was the darkness of the movie. By that I do not mean a grim undertone to the story... but rather how literally dark the image was throughout. I spent a lot of time straining to make out various details like character faces and locales. The environment around a tornado can be very dark, but this was done throughout the movie. I can only recommend this to people who didn't think it could get any worse than Atomic Twister.

  • just about the stupidest movie ever by 1

    I'm a storm chaser, which means I'm usually avid for any sort of storm-disaster movie, no matter how stupid. But this one not only wasted the fifteen minutes I spent watching it, it's compelling me to waste yet more time writing this review. That's how strongly I feel about it.

    In this day and age, with so many weather websites available, there's no excuse whatsoever for a writer not to go see what a tornado looks like on radar--clue: It's not a hurricane! And FYI, storms do not growl. Chasers and storm fans and TV watchers, oh my, do yourself a favor and rent Twister again instead.

  • If this movie was meant to send up a storm, then I am as angry as thunder and lightning! by 1

    Now I actually wanted to like this movie. I wasn't expecting much from Storm Cell, but no way was I expecting it to be this bad. It doesn't even look good, with wretched scenery, further disadvantaged by dull lighting, unfocused editing, awkward camera work and cheap tornado effects, even more cheapened by sound effects that are just as disturbing as those in the Gene Dietch Tom and Jerry cartoons. The story is predictable and utterly ridiculous, with scientific errors that make even the worst SyFy disaster movie credible in comparison(and their disaster movies are riddled with those), the script is unnatural in both dialogue and the delivery of it and cheesy to the point you get toothache from gritting your teeth and the characters are either annoying or uninteresting. The acting is also wooden, with Mimi Rogers looking uncomfortable with her hard-edged persona here coming across as forced. Overall, a terrible movie, not in about two months now have I been so angry watching a movie. People will say that they get novelty value, but most assets are so badly done and inexcusably that I couldn't find myself entertained. 0/10 Bethany Cox

  • Not as bad if you're ... by 4

    I love disaster movies and this one is just that, a DISASTER! To be honest, its not all that bad if you're into b-rated movies. In this one the disasters i.e. tornadoes are really an afterthought. Its more about the drama. In summary, this liberal leaning movie is more about free spirited, high attitude kids and chics with no emotional control. Basically its a bad attempt as a drama cloaked in climate change. Watch it to kill time and to tick this one off of your apocalyptic movies list. Who knows, if you're into that type of stuff, you just may enjoy it.

  • Lame even by genre standards by 3

    STORM CELL is a bad disaster movie even by TV movie standards. It stars Mimi Rogers (THE X-FILES) as a dedicated storm chaser who must fight against time to save her family from a series of super-powerful twisters that threaten to wreck much of middle America, yet the film fails to build on that premise at any point.

    Due to budgetary constraints, no doubt, this film ends up more as a family drama than a disaster flick. Much is made of Rogers' obnoxious and stuck-up teenage daughter who keeps getting herself into peril, to the degree that I was hoping Rogers would simply cut her losses and forget about the dumb kid; no such luck.

    Meanwhile, a few scenes show a twister wreaking havoc on some homesteads with the aid of some dodgy CGI. The two plots never gel, there's no plan on the part of the heroes, they just sort of amble from place to place and survive mainly through luck. It's all very boring and uninteresting; I expected something cheesier, and more entertaining, from this genre, but it's almost laid back in it's approach. Watch out for the great Michael Ironside in a cameo role.

1C. Kim Milescinematographer
2Corey Allen Jacksoncomposer
3Steven R. Monroedirector
4Lindsay MacAdamproducer
5Michael Konyveswriter
6Graham Ludlowwriter