Straight from the Heart (2003)

Straight from the Heart (2003)
  • 1510
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2003 ()
  • Running time: 100 min
  • Original Title: Straight from the Heart
  • Voted: 1510

Jordan Donavan, a photographer in New York, is so disappointed when after five years of going steady Edward Morgan offers her not marriage but just to move in with him, that she accepts the match-making arranged via a magazine by her female friend with Tyler Ross, a horse rancher in the West, whose candidacy was actually also posted by his sister. After a bad start they soon grow closer, riding and talking, finding much in common, while she actually grew up in the country. However their past lives, which in his case is marked by a tragic accident, doesn't make it easy for them, and when Edward comes ask her hand, she travels back East...

1Teri PoloJordan Donovan
2Andrew McCarthyTyler Ross
3Patricia KalemberLaurie Woods
4Greg EviganEdward Morgan
  • Horses, great scenery, and Andrew McCarthy - WOW! by 10

    This one will definitely go in my repeat viewing collection!!! Andrew McCarthy has always been able to pull at your heartstrings, but he never looked better than he does as Tyler Ross, the cowboy, WOW!! You can't help but feel for his loss of his wife, but you so enjoy the "sparring" between him and Jordan (Teri Polo), and can't wait till they actually get it together and realize the love they have for each other. The scenery and horses were awesome and just added to the movie's ability so pull you in even without all the violence, etc. that are in movies today. I am so looking forward to Andrew's next movie knowing how great he looks these days.

  • Great for a Saturday afternoon! by 7

    I really liked this movie. I ran across it while looking for something to watch, saw who was in it (Andrew McCarthy) and stopped to watch it. I only have two problems with the movie - one, no one who wears a ball cap wears it with their ears tucked in (like Terri does) and her camera makes a noise as if it was had an auto winder on it, yet she advances the film with the lever.

    Watching McCarthy ride was a great thing, too. It's funny, though, because I knew from the description that this was from a romance novel - and one I'd probably read a while ago. Had this thing for cowboys, you know. Never really got over that...

    (As a woman who frequently wears ball caps and who was a 35mm photography nut - before digital got good - I guess I'm picky.)

  • A Must See! by 10

    What a wonderful movie and one that I would definitely recommend for anyone. It has won the spot in my heart for "My Favorite All Time Movie". The story was funny, heartwarming, and the acting was flawless. This is the type of movie that catches your attention and then you are spellbound for the rest of the movie. I hope they make a sequel, would love to see what happens next. Would also love to see more of Andrew McCarthy. I loved his performance (and I'm not one of the former Brat Pack fans). His performance in this film is his best yet - I would definitely recommend that viewers try to catch Andrew in his films as a mature want be disappointed!

  • Great Movie! by 10

    Never would have thought of Andrew McCarthy as a cowboy but WOW! As a lover of horses and a hopeless romantic, I couldn't help but rate this movie a definate 10! This is one of those movies that you could watch about a 100 times and never get tired of it. Wish there were more movies on TV like this...

  • Absolutely wonderful by 10

    It has been awhile since I have seen Andrew McCarthy in a movie, I saw this film on the Hallmark Channel a few weeks ago and fell in love with him, the chemistry between he and Teri Polo, or their characters, is so thrilling. I am a horse trainer, and rider, so it was just a wonderful movie for me, I loved the short, but sweet romance between them Andrew McCarthy is so mysterious, the way he walks, how he moves, just is so amazing to me. Iwish with all my heart I could one day meet him he will never know how this film effected me. Thank you all, the producers, the director, and casting director for choosing him, and for choosing Teri Polo, I taped it and now can watch it in my spare time. Thanks

1James W. Wrenncinematographer
3David S. Cass Sr.director
4Kevin Bocardeproducer
5Kyle A. Clarkproducer
6Pamela Wallacewriter

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