Subject 36 (2017)

Subject 36 (2017)
  • 97
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 96 min
  • Original Title: Subject 36
  • Voted: 97

Gwen is a reclusive loner with an obsession with stalking and studying strangers, always at a distance. When one of her subjects enters her life in an unexpected way, Gwen sees it as an opportunity to find out more about them, but it may change her life in ways she could never anticipate.

1Jacob AbercrombyMan at Bar
2Laura BedfordSuze
3Renier BeukesPartygoer #4
4Rebecca CaldwellReagan's Date
  • Thriller with a lot of heart by 7

    With great performances and an appropriately bittersweet story, Subject 36 has a sense of realism to it that raises it above a typical thriller.


    Perth WA may not be the mecha of Aussie films, and rarley do things ever really hit the big screen and make a buzz. But the Perth film has been picking up a bit in the last few years with its films of Black Ghost, Hidden Light etc, and Subject 36 is a part of that wave..

    The plot revolves around a young woman who keeps tabs on people she spies on her targets. A stalker she is, and is expert photographer and works in a dvd shop in day. Eventually she ends up having a crush on one of her subject targets, a man who is a painter. Yep and thats where the dark romance begins.

    The lack of budget in this film is effident sometimes, but the Director Alex Lorian compensates for this with his creative shots and visual story telling. The cast nails their roles well especially the leads.

    In other words its a romance drama thriller with a unique angle, and dosages of classic (Hitchcok technique). If you like those genres then this film is for you. 10/10

1Ben Matthewscomposer
2Jenna Ongcomposer
3Daniel David Toomathcomposer
4Alexander Loriandirector