Surge (2020)

Surge (2020)
  • 42
  • TV-14
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Surge
  • Voted: 42

Is this a moment or is it a movement? SURGE tells the story of this extraordinary time, when an unprecedented number of first-time female candidates ran, won, and upended conventional politics in 2018.

  • Surprise, surprise! by 1

    More race/gender baiting identity politics. Whatever happened to the best PERSON for the job? It doesn't matter anymore.

  • Low reviews, Not Surprised by 8

    Great film that follows three hopeful congresswomen. Of course grumpy white men are on here giving one star because... they feel threatened?

    I wonder how many sat through the film or just were irritated by the trailer. The film was emotionally gripping and was well worth the watch. I also liked that the majority of the crew were female as well. It's about time for women to take the wheel, Jesus is drunk.

  • Watch Breathlessly as White Women Endlessly Congratulate Themselves for Resisting...Themselves by 1

    White women, handily the largest voting block and ultimate decider of all US elections, casually co-opt black power first to glorify their stunning and brave resistance of the candidate they overwhelmingly voted for.

1Margaret Byrnecinematographer
2Letty Gallegoscinematographer
3Contessa Gaylescinematographer
4Paul Trubachikcomposer
5Hannah Rosenzweigdirector
6Wendy Sachsdirector
7Laura Tomasellieditor