Sweet Thing (2020)

Sweet Thing (2020)
  • 484
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: Sweet Thing
  • Voted: 484

The story revolves around two siblings and their struggle to find solid ground in the homes of their alcoholic father and negligent mother. The children ultimately run away and find a temporary life for themselves.

1Karyn ParsonsEve
2Will PattonAdam
3Lana Rockwell\N
  • Great film for kids by 10

    Great film in the vain of "our gang" Great for kid and their parents. A wonderful adventure.

  • Lyrically delicious and moving by 10

    Like his previous film with the same two actors "Little Feet," Sweet Thing is a complex and involving ode to transcending a childhood's worth of anguish.

  • Must watch ! by 10

    Poetic childhood adventure that I really really liked

  • Check it out by 10

    Another top shelf picture by Alexandre Rockwell, the director of In The Soup and Little Feet. As with the latter, Rockwell is able to capture a world from a child's perspective that is both entertaining and original.

  • Tender and moving and occasionally explosive in its intrinsic emotion by 10

    I watched this in the Berlin Film Festival 2020: tender, poetic, and brutal in equal measure, Rockwell's film is filled with poetry that speaks to a child's resilience in hard times. The film is aesthetically and tonally unique, shot in black and white that recall classical films of yore with bursts of color that reflect the joy and creative sprit of childhood. This is independent film at its finest and in its truest expression -- shot with a tiny crew, the film's rough hewed nature and free-spritedness is only possible without the oversight of the Hollywood machine. Films of this nature are a rare beast in this increasingly commercialized environment. Truly one of a kind gem -- my highest recommendation.

1Alexandre Rockwelldirector