Tangent Room (2017)

Tangent Room (2017)
  • 336
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 66 min
  • Original Title: Tangent Room
  • Voted: 336

Trapped in a mysterious room with no escape, four brilliant minds race against time to prevent a cosmic collapse of the universe. They must learn to work together and solve the puzzle before it's too late.

1Lisa BearparkSandra
2Daniel EpsteinDr. Wahlstein
3Håkan JulanderDavid
4Jennifer LilaCarol
  • Self-absorbed drivel by 3

    I would attempt to call this the best of cerebral fiction, except it's not the best of anything.

    This starts out as an interesting premise: four people have four hours to solve a problem or die (Cease to exist? Never existed? Always exist? WHO KNOWS?). The acting starts out reasonably well-done, but soon digresses into a mess of bad directing and poorly-executed unimpressive camera effects.

    It's not a matter of "we don't get it". We get it fine-- and it spews. While the idea (which I won't state here-- spoilers) has an interesting foundation, the rest of the house is poorly constructed. The science is the worst of theoretical guessing, the math is nonsensical scribbles (at least, as far as the audience can tell), and the ending totally lacking in substance or sense (other than pure fantasy, which has no place in this supposedly pure-science production).

    This is a sneezed boogar of a film that hit a wall and stuck, visibly for everyone to see. The concept had potential, but the execution was severely flawed. Suggestion: re-write, re-make, from start to finish, and next time make sense rather than throwing logic and sensibility out the submarine window.

  • Doesn't seem to take itself seriously by 3

    As someone who LOVES characters trapped in a room films, this one was unfortunately a complete disappointment.

    While it's obviously a lower budget film, that does not preclude it from having the possibility of being brilliant!

    It's not money that makes actors and a story brilliant, it's competent direction and a good script.

    Something it was obvious from the start this film lacked.

    Odd character interactions, awkward dialogue make this a very... annoying film to watch.

    I eventually got the feeling that the people behind the camera did not take the story very seriously. Allowing characters to react (or rather, NOT react) appropriately, ruins the tone of the film and gives it an oddly humorous undertone.


    The man in a very early scene has just heard some chocking news, and all he does is sit with his head balanced atop his clasped hands like an intrigued school boy.

    The women on the other hand look appropriately scared/in denial/confused.

    In fact, the only actor in the whole film who sold the film's story consistently when others faltered was Vee Vimolmal. She really carried everyone else!

    In conclusion, without spoiling anything, whoever made this film tried to recreate Coherence (2013) with more science babble, without understanding that it's the character interactions that are truly important.

    So I urge you all to watch Coherence instead.

    It took me at least 3 viewings to keep track of all the multiple dimensions and characters. It is simply a far superior film and mystery. (As are the first 2 Cube films, if you're into people trapped together genre!)

  • Brilliant stupidity by 1

    For a bunch of scientists trapped in a room that they have many ways to leave it sure they are not that brilliant ,boring low budget movie with boring acting and script that offers nothing at all just total waste of time ,oh and that poster has nothing to do with the movie it's just some scientists sitting in a room and talking crap the whole movie ,that's it nothing more .

  • Absurd and idiotic at the same time. I loved it. by 1

    Hahahaha this movie was so absurd and idiotic that it was hilarious. I loved it. hahaha

  • Hilarious. by 5

    I was so confused, it was like I was watching team meetings at work when no one knows what's going on or what the other is talking about.

    Ingenious but I genuinely don't know what's going on! My advice - watch it sober!

    I'm off for a bubble bath!

1Jean-Paul Wallcomposer
2Björn Engströmdirector
3Bernhard Lebourneeditor