The App (2019)

The App (2019)
  • 994
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 78 min
  • Original Title: The App
  • Voted: 994

Loving girlfriend, family fortune, breakout movie role: he's got it all. Until an app awakens a powerful new yearning. While in Rome to shoot his first movie, Niccolò becomes obsessed and sent into a self-destructive spiral.

  • Brutally dull. by 2

    It sucks in every way, boring actors, screenplay, plot.. terrible mix of a melancholy soundtrack that contrasts the screenplay in various scenes.. A ghastly experience.

  • There's bad, and there's this. by 1

    I kept watching because it's so bad. The story is all over the place. It feels like a 3hr movie and it's just over an hour. If you want to know how not to make a film, or write it, watch this. How do things like this even get made? Who's the person that convinces producers that this is something solid?

  • Impressively terrible by 1

    Im not sure i can think of a single positive for this movie. The story juts from pointless scene to pointless scene, without any link to the prior or the next. It feels like a school project

  • it's not good film by 2

    The movie start from nothing and end to nothing. i have finished it and until now i don't know what the director want to say.!!character like "ofelia" i don't know why she is exist in the movie and what it denotes to. lack of creativity and choose the easiest way in everything.

  • Delete this! by 1

    Nobody should be punished with watching this movie! There's not even one good point in this movie! Pure trash! The bad one!

1Elisa Fuksasdirector
2Marco Cohenproducer
3Fabrizio Donvitoproducer
4Benedetto Habibproducer
5Daniel Campos Pavoncelliproducer