The Big Bust-Out (1972)

The Big Bust-Out (1972)
  • 162
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1972 ()
  • Running time: 92 min
  • Original Title: Io monaca... per tre carogne e sette peccatrici
  • Voted: 162

It tells the story of seven beautiful women who escape from a high-security prison. After the breakout, Rebecca (Karen Carter) and her fellow escapees find they are in more trouble than they had imagined as they become the victims of Miller Drake (Gordon Mitchell), who is involved in white slavery.

1Tony KendallJeff
2Monica TeuberSister Maria
3William BergerBob Shaw
4Gordon MitchellEl Kadir
  • one big punch up by 6

    Also known as, Crucified Girls of San Ramon, although I don't know why and 3 bastards and 7 Sinners on my copy, this had great trash potential but was ultimately just too much for director, Ernest R von Theumer, who was more used to producing. Much is seemingly filmed on exotic locations which are presumably Middle Eastern but certainly a mix of beautiful and bleak and with numerous extras and a pack of horses to deal with this must have become quite an enterprise. Anyway, apart from the arduous scenes as an excellent, Tony Kendall leads his ladies across the inhospitable landscape, there is time for naked frolics, rape, torture and flogging - so its not all boring stuff! Gordon Mitchell is effective, though somewhat over the top, as his arch opponent and there is much fighting and shooting. The girls get a go with the guns too so plenty of variety as the story which had begun in a prison, pops into a nunnery skirts the spaghetti western genre and toys with the white slave trade, really just ends up one big punch up.

  • Badly Edited by 5

    At a women's prison (presumably in either Algeria or Morocco) seven female convicts decide to escape due to the abusive treatment they receive at the hands of their jailers. So they eagerly accept an offer from a nun named "Sister Maria" (Monica Teuber) to work at the local convent. Once at the convent they overpower the guards and take the nun with them to a local house where one of their friends named "Nada" (Vonetta McGee) has agreed to house them temporarily. Unfortunately, Nada's boyfriend betrays them and sells all of them (including Nada) into slavery. However, once they are transported to the coast the pilot of the ship "Jeff" (Tony Kendall) refuses to have anything to do with it and after a gunfight he and the eight women escape by truck into the desert. From here on out they are hunted by the police, the nearby French army garrison, slave traders and Arab bandits who all want the women for one reason or another. So much for the plot. As far as the movie is concerned I liked the overall premise and I thought Margaret Rose Keil (as "Gail"), Nuccia Cardinali (as "Inga") and the aforementioned Monica Teuber and Vonetta McGee, were quite attractive. However, I must admit that the film was badly edited and the action scenes could have used more attention to detail. I should also add that there is quite a bit of violence and nudity in this movie in case anybody might need to know. In any case, while this certainly isn't the best "women-in-prison" movie ever made it managed to pass the time and I rate it as about average.

1Umberto Galeassicinematographer
2Elsio Mancusocomposer
3Berto Pisanocomposer
4Ernst Ritter von Theumerdirector
5Cesare Bianchinieditor
6Sergio Garronewriter