The Blue Planet (2001)

The Blue Planet (2001)
  • 31798
  • TV-G
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2001 ()
  • Running time: 389 min
  • Original Title: The Blue Planet
  • Voted: 31798

Mammoth series, five years in the making, taking a look at the rich tapestry of life in the world's oceans.

  • by 10/10

    David Attenborough brings his fascination of wild life, this time thecreatures under the sea, in this extraordinary 8-episode trip to all theanimals under the sea!

    The cinematography is astounding, bringing to the screen trulybreathtakingfootage of those whales! But the best thing about it, as well as seeingeachepisode, is how they made it! Whether it is making models of creatures, orthose impressive shots of the whales, they explain to you in about 10minutes how they did it!

    2001 had some great tv shows to our screen. But, in contrast to thisdocumentary gem, they make them pretty lame! But to even boast thisdocumentary series as the best tv series of 2001 just does not sum up thesheer brilliance that this series provides in quality entertainment!

    Overall, this is the best TV series of 2001, with no competition, and,maybe, the best TV series of 2000s!

  • by 10/10

    As a SCUBA diver, I can appreciate the incredible physical strain thecameramen must have endured to get the shots underwater. This series isMUCH more than that, though. The narration is perfect, the scenesborderingon implausible and the subject matter enthralling. The day to daystrugglefor life taking place out of the view of we terrestrial dwellers is mindboggling. This DVD set has open my eyes to another planet right here onEarth. I urge everyone to watch this series.

  • by 10/10

    This series has a lot going for it with beautiful footage of the someof the most impressive underwater environments on this planet. Being astaggering five years in the making, one would be hard-pressed toexpect any less. I did get the impression that some scenes from thefirst episode where repeated in the latter ones, which is naturallyonly a minor gripe.

    David Attenborough is great as a narrator and comments are informative,leaving enough room for one's imagination, and well spaced out, so thatviewers get plenty of time to reflect upon the breathtaking imagery. Ifyou get the opportunity try not to watch a translated version of thisseries.

    A definite must-see for anyone interested in the intricacies of ourblue continents and easily the best documentary on this subject I'veever seen.

  • by 10/10

    This is without a doubt the most stunning and amazing documentary Ihave ever seen! The images that are shown are absolutely breathtakingand stunning. On top of that, it is a wonderful learning experience.I'm not one for educational documentaries, but this one grabs hold ofyou and doesn't let go until the end. You'll be so hooked and entrancedby what you are watching that you'll forget your at home watching TV!This series is available to buy on DVD and I HIGHLY recommend pickingthis one up! With all the evil and death in this world, thisdocumentary series gives us proof that life is beautiful and worthsaving and preserving.

  • by 10/10

    Words can hardly describe what Blue Planet brought to life in all of itshours of runtime. Matching up with Walking With Dinosaurs, thisdocumentarystands as one of the best. We can only pray that the BBC and DiscoveryChannel come up with even more outstanding ideas that could possibly evenlevel with this one.