The Bray Road Beast (2018)

The Bray Road Beast (2018)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2018 ()
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  • Original Title: The Bray Road Beast
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In the early 1990's a rural Wisconsin community called Elkhorn was at the center of a series of real-life werewolf sightings. As local reporter, Linda Godfrey, began her investigations into the "Beast of Bray Road", other reports from around the country, and soon, the world, began flooding in. For the subsequent three decades, the Beast of Bray Road has been the most infamous Wisconsin resident.

1Lyle BlackburnNarrator
  • Good for what it is... by 8

    I'm a big believer for reviewing movies for what they are, not what you want them to be. This documentary is actually pretty good in terms of explaining where the modern 'werewolf' myths and legends come from as well as highlighting the specifics surrounding the 'Bray Road' sightings. If you are looking for proof in terms of high def video or other things then I'm afraid you're going to be left wanting.

    I should also say that a friend told me about this movie because our high school math teacher was interviewed in it. Let me just say in that regard that Lee Hampel in my opinion is an honest man with a very high IQ. He is not your average farmer or retiree so if he says there is some animal roaming around or tearing up carcasses on his property in Elkhorn then I don't doubt it, and I'm bias in this regard but I wish they had spent more time with him and his story because he is not a local and was clearly a skeptic when he first heard about it, it was only his experiences that changed his mind and he does provide by far the best evidence of something going on by both testimony and physical evidence. I wish they had spent more time or had some kind of expert evaluate what he has gathered as clearly he wasn't able to get very far in terms of asking experts to weigh in.

    My only criticisms would be the overall marketing and feel of the movie. The intro as well as the cover and overall vibe have a 'Blair Witch' fake horror mocumentary feel to it that is not consistent with what the movie is trying to be. The people interviewed are all very serious in terms of just telling the facts as they have researched it so why put all this imagery to make it scarier or creepy. Furthermore some of the CGI looking reenactments were also a little hooky looking, but for low budget stuff that's what you get.

    I would give it a solid B+

  • What a gyp! by 3

    This film is almost all smoke and no fire. More of a werewolf history, mixed with hearsay and second hand testimony, not much better than most Bigfoot docs.

  • Absolute Rubbish by 1

    This is yet another low budget garbage film pretending to be a real documentary. Locals say it is true because it's a little hick nothing town in the middle of no where looking to attract dumb tourists to come and spend money and help the local economy. Waste of time and film and people trying to build a legend to get business into town .

1Zachary Palmisanocinematographer
2Brandon Dalocomposer
3Seth Breedlovedirector
4Adrienne Breedloveproducer
5Mark Matzkewriter